EdForward: The Center for Innovation in Education
Generating Big Ideas, Entrepreneurial Solutions

In academia, the trajectory from idea to implementation is often a lengthy process. But big ideas are the medium for invention. Launched in February 2010, EdForward: The Center for Innovation in Education is the School of Education’s bold gamble that it can leverage the know-how, the very engine of the University, to revolutionize the way schools, businesses and communities deliver results for all learners. In the process, we hope to build a new revenue stream for the School that enables investment in cutting-edge research, programs and collaborations.

“The School is an incubator of ideas. Its people are eager to take risks to create something new.” – Dr. Louis Vismara, retired cardiologist, a founder of the UC Davis MIND Institute, and a member of the School’s Board of Advisors

Since its founding, EdForward has introduced several pilot projects —from hosting science-based summer enrichment camps to leading district administrators through a managerial process called Lean Six Sigma. We are now deeply engaged in developing several projects that will put our innovation into practice. Our focus is on continuing to build strong partnerships with business and community leaders and find meaningful ways for all education stakeholders to submit ideas for further innovation. Download a description of EdForward and current projects.