Education & Evaluation Services


Education and Evaluation Services

REEd pursues collaborative research, based on the understanding that critical knowledge is generated at the nexus of theory and practice. We provide evaluation services to university faculty as well as regional education and community-based agencies conducting research or providing programs with an education connection. We also provide small incentive grants for faculty to collaborate with school practitioners on research of mutual interest, and publish findings from our action research projects.

What We Do

Education and Evaluation Services, which was previously the Center for Education and Evaluation Services (CEES), is a full-service program evaluation center. We approach our work with all clients as a partnership, working collaboratively to identify the best methods for evaluating program processes, outcomes and impact. Our services range from consultation and advising to complete program evaluations, including study design, data analysis, and report preparation.

CEES addresses education-related issues in a variety of fields.  Our projects include impact evaluations for large state-wide education initiatives for the Department of Education, external evaluations for university-based projects funded by federal agencies, and impact studies for non-profits. We have evaluated many teacher professional development projects, after school initiatives, and interdisciplinary collaborations.