Education & Evaluation Services


Education and Evaluation Services

REEd Evaluation Services, formerly the Center for Education and Evaluation Services (CEES), provides program evaluation services to a variety of projects, ranging from large-scale federal programs to community-based non-profit agencies.  Staff also serve as internal evaluators to REEd projects and initiatives and for various university programs and grants.

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About Evaluation Services

REEd pursues collaborative research and gathers both formative and summative evaluation data. Based on the understanding that critical knowledge is generated at the nexus of theory and practice, REEd Evaluation Services (formerly CEES) has provided program evaluation services to a variety of projects and at a variety of scales for both government funded programs and community-based agencies.

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CEES Services

CEES harnesses the diverse expertise of its staff to apply an array of research and evaluation methods to answer real world questions. Using predominantly mixed-method designs, we make use of a variety of traditional and innovative measures to achieve the highest level of rigor possible given the fiscal and logistical boundaries of a given project.

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CEES Projects

CEES services include but are not limited to the evaluation of:

Teacher Professional Development

CEES helps professional development providers and school districts assess the impact of their programming on teacher knowledge, teacher practice and student learning.

Some of our teacher professional development projects include:

California’s Improving Teacher Quality State Grants Program Teacher Based Reform (T-BAR) – Three Summary Reports

K-12 Schools

CEES helps in the evaluation of educational programs in a variety of settings, including after school, small learning communities and curriculum models.

Some of our K-12 School projects include:

AB 519 Evaluation Final Report – Title I, Part A-Accountability: This report assesses the implementation, impact, and effectiveness of reform strategies undertaken by LEAs in PI Corrective Actions. The report focuses on the relatively positive impact of the intervention support provided by District Assistance and Intervention Teams (DAITs), particularly in mathematics.

Mindful Schools Program-Integrating Mindfulness into Education


Expanded Learning

National Park Service

In the Driver’s Seat
Teacher-led model moves learning in the right direction

Terry Westover and Lisa Sullivan have published a new article in the most recent issue of JSD, the Learning Forward journal.  This article concerns teachers participating in a California program that allowed them to select their own professional learning, who report increased confidence and knowledge, improved instruction, and a greater ability to meet student learning needs.

“In the driver’s seat: Teacher-led model moves learning in the right direction,” by Lisa Sullivan and Theresa Westover, JSD, June 2015.
Used with permission of Learning Forward,  All rights reserved.