Resources Excellence in Education (REEd)


REEd (Resourcing Excellence in Education)

The CRESS Center Becomes REEd

The Center for Collaborative Research and Extension Services for Schools, or CRESS Center, was established at UC Davis 25 years ago to put educational research into practice and to improve K-12 teaching and learning. Now two decades later, the needs of our partners in the field and our knowledge of best practices have grown and evolved. To ensure our ability to expand and refine our work, the CRESS Center has adopted a new organizational structure and name: REEd (Resourcing Excellence in Education).

REEd’s mission is aligned with the UC Davis School of Education’s strategic vision and with the leading edge of educational needs in California and the nation. We have developed a framework to guide the scope of our activities consisting of two distinct yet complementary areas of focus: Networked Improvement Community (NIC) and Education Support Services (ESS). NIC provides a platform to test promising programs, tools, and practices that will be offered in the form of direct services through ESS. 

This reorganization comes out of a year-long strategic planning process that identified the opportunity to better provide for collaborative and professional growth opportunities and to move away from the CRESS Center’s “center within a center” model. Most importantly, we believe the new structure will allow us to be more intentional and strategic in meeting our partners’ needs and in moving research to practice.

In line with our strategic plan, we felt it was time to refresh and capture the energy and new direction of our work. The CRESS identity has served us all well for many years, but  our new look and name better reflect our orientation toward collaboration, partnership and growth.

In addition to its functional meaning, the name REEd makes a metaphorical connection with the “reed,” the slender marsh grasses that are native to the Sacramento Delta region where UC Davis is located. Just as the health of the Delta ecosystem is key to the well-being of the entire watershed, excellent K-16 education is key to the health of our society. The roots and leaf structures of the reed are a keystone of the wetland ecosystem. Likewise, REEd provides a network of support for building capacity in California’s school system that is strong and flexible.

Our essential character and mission haven’t changed. Our commitment to building the capacity of education systems to eliminate inequities is paramount. We honor the deep ties our researchers and staff have to the education community. We are proud of the more than two decades of work we have accomplished together as CRESS.  We look forward to a future of innovation and collaboration as REEd.

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News Joanne Bookmyer

School of Education’s CRESS Center receives $5.8 million grant to help teachers throughout the state
By Karen Nikos-Rose, UC Davis News Service

The School of Education has been awarded $5.8 million to lead a statewide initiative that will provide K-12 teachers throughout California resources and training that will help them teach their students more effectively.