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REEd (Resourcing Excellence in Education)

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REEd is a university-based intermediary with deep ties to the K-12 education community.  We are committed to moving research findings into practice and to building the capacity of education systems to improve teaching and learning and to reduce inequities.


Guarantee all California students high-quality instruction and a nurturing school environment by resourcing excellence in K-16 education systems.

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Register now for an online Coaching Course

The Coaching Perspective: Why it Really Matters and How to Get Started

Today more and more schools and districts recognize that coaching is essential to strengthening the instructional capacity of teachers. REEd is pleased to offer a free, three-part online course via Canvas, a learning management system.


An Evaluation of Career Technical Education Programs

Under the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Image of An Evaluation of Career Technical Education ProgramsREEd at UC Davis School of Education has been contracted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to evaluate the department’s Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs in the state.  CDCR currently operates CTE Programs at 35 sites in the state, with the capacity to serve 8,805 inmates.  CTE programming is designed to be aligned with appropriate career pathways and industry established standards.  CTE curriculum is designed to provide training and skills th

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Strategic Observation And Reflection (SOAR®): Six Essential Practices for CCSS Implementation

On February 11, 2016, Susan O’Hara, REEd Executive Director, and Robert Pritchard, Co-founder of EPF for Teaching, hosted a webinar focused on the Strategic Observation and Reflection (SOAR®) Teaching Frames, a set of high-impact practices for CCSS and the CA ELA/ELD Framework.

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