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ACTS in the Classroom is a unique partnership of the teaching practices of the internationally recognized Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe and the UC Davis School of Education -  with an impactful mission to transform teaching through the educational practices of Globe Education. These active, kinetic practices use the texts of Shakespeare and their unique humanity to engage critical analysis, remove barriers to challenging texts, build new language skills, increase comprehension, engage ethical reasoning, heighten aesthetic sensibility, and open doors for all students to the larger world, with accessibility and inclusion.

The work of the ACTS in the Classroom is based on the ethos and principles of Globe Education’s practice, drawing on its approaches to working with pre-service and qualified teachers as well as with elementary, middle and high-school students. The Center works to empower teachers with these practices throughout their career: first, with a focus on incorporating these transformative practices at the start of a teacher’s career through the School of Education’s MA/Credential program and the Globe Education Academy; and subsequently through ongoing engagement and professional development opportunities for the alumni of this Academy.  In addition, the Center works to support teachers through continued professional development workshops in these practices; and to engage students in the works of Shakespeare through in class workshops, and ‘storytelling performances’ of Shakespeare’s works.  Since 2005 – this programming has transformed teaching practices of over 200 credential and preservice teachers; more than 100 teachers in in-service workshops, covering 31 school districts – and impacting over 20,000 students. 

With current programming, and vision to develop new methods of delivering the tools and training of Globe Education to bring it to a national audience, ACTS in the Classroom is poised to become the leader in the field of exemplary teaching of Shakespeare in the US Classroom.


Macbeth comes to Grant Union High School

Is this a dagger which I see before me,
The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee.
I have thee not…

…….and yet I see thee still.”

“Whhaaaaaat ?—“

And with three lines of Shakespeare, and the surprised gasp of a sophomore, Conor Short, a Globe Education Practitioner from Shakespeare’s Globe in London, draws 30 students into the wild phantasmagoric horror of Macbeth. 


Shakespeare Comes Alive for Students and Teachers through School of Education Program

The Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art partners with the faculty of School of Education and ACTS in the Classroom to bring innovative arts education to MA/Credential candidates. Read the full article on the UC Davis Arts Blog

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