Autism & Education


Autism and Education

There are seven million exceptional children with special needs in our American school system, such as children with autism spectrum development. Truly meeting the needs of these children requires a commitment to integrating advances in educational science, neuroscience, and social policy.

The UC Davis School of Education is home to Professor Peter Mundy, an expert in the education and development of children with autism. As a developmental and clinical psychologist, Mundy has been working on defining the the major dimensions of autism for the past 32 years. Find more on his research and other resources on autism and education here.

Research Peter Mundy

A Virtual Joy-Stick Study of Emotional Responses and Social Motivation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Posted June 30, 2014

An article about using virtual reality to examine social motivation and emotional perception in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders appears in Psychology Progress. The article, co-authored by Peter Mundy, a professor in the UC Davis School of Education and School of Medicine, looked at 19 children with higher functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFASD) and 23 age, gender, and IQ matched children with typical development (TD), who used a joy stick to position themselves closer or further from virtual avatars while attempting to identify six emotions expressed by the avatars, happiness, fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and surprise that were expressed at different levels of intensity. Read more here.

Research Peter Mundy

Peter Mundy Discusses Virtual Reality Research
Capital Public Radio, April 30, 2012

In an interview with Pauline Bartoloni, Professor Peter Mundy and Educational Psychologist Mary Gwaltney discuss their research using virtual reality to better understand how students with autism process competing information in the classroom.

Mundy says, “We really have to know how those children are developing, what impedes and what facilitates their development in school. There’s a need to provide information that advances the ability of teachers and schools to provide the right education for [autistic] children.”

Listen to the interview and watch a video at Capital Public Radio.

News Peter Mundy

School Receives $1 Million Grant To Study Autism’s Impact on Education
March 2012

The U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES) has awarded a four-year $1 million grant to School of Education professor Peter Mundy.

News Peter Mundy

New Book on Education and Autism Edited by Prof. Peter Mundy

Educational Interventions for Students with Autism, published as the first in the Autism for Educators series by the UC Davis Mind Institute, has been released. The book is edited by Peter Mundy and Ann Mastergeorge. It provides information on topics related to deepening educators’ understanding of the issues and best practices involved in education for autism, including practical strategies for teachers, parents and school administrators. Purchase the book here.

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