CANDEL Program Information

CANDEL Program Structure and Objectives

Program Objectives

The curriculum is constructed around four overarching and inter-related themes that are seen as integral to the academic and professional development of educational leaders:

  • Visionary Leadership and Management
  • Policy into Practice
  • Data for Decision-Making
  • Building Community in a Diverse Society

The courses are tied to these themes and will use problem-based, case study learning approaches to ground the program in the realities of schools and other academic settings.

Program Format

The program is intended primarily for working professionals in leadership positions. Within a cohort system, individuals rely on their collective experiences to supplement and encourage the formal learning process, and are enrolled in a common sequence of courses. Students are admitted once a year for coursework beginning in late summer. The program begins with a leadership seminar in July. Classes are held throughout the fall, winter and spring quarters approximately once every three weeks on a consecutive Friday and Saturday.  Students will be enrolled for 12 units each quarter which represents a full-time schedule.

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