CCS and COVID-19

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How to teach an experiential field course online

This post was developed by Laci Gerhart-Barley, Christopher Jadallah, Sarah Angulo, and Greg Ira, who have recently published a paper about their work adapting an experiential field course (with significant citizen science components) to an online setting during Covid-19. You can access the paper, published in Ecology and Evolution, here


City Nature Challenge & COVID-19

The global challenge… fought locally

2020’s City Nature Challenge has been modified to keep organizers and participants safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than the typical competition, this year’s CNC is focusing on collaboration and spending restorative time in nature. You can still document biodiversity safely, although it may require some extra creativity or staying in your home.

The 2020 City Nature Challenge takes place in two parts —

  • April 24 – 27: Taking pictures of wild plants and animals.
  • April 28 – May 3: Identifying what was found.

Outside Wonder Lab

Engaging in citizen science at home

Schools may be closed, but the citizen science fun can continue! For example our CCS Innovator Fellow, Peggy Harte has initiated the Outside Wonder Lab Project to help families learn about their backyards and nearby open spaces while practicing responsible social distancing.

Join your county’s Outside Wonder Lab Project (all listed here) on iNaturalist to discover the creatures that have been sharing your space. Take the first step by going out into your yard, then start observing. Using iNaturalist you can capture pictures of your observations, identify the species you have discovered, and share your findings. Even if we are all physically apart, this project provides an opportunity to learn from each other while contributing to a global database that scientists can use to better understand and protect nature. In the past few days, our Yolo County community has sighted Western Fence Lizards, Sierran treefrogs, American Avocets, and over 2000 other species!

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