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The School of Education provides research and professional development to deepen understanding and implementation of the State Common Core Standards. Find more about our work in Common Core here.

Post Michal Kurlaender

Dr. Michal Kurlaender Awarded $5 Million Grant
Study will show how well California prepares K-12 students for college, careers

University of California, Davis, researchers in education and economics have been awarded nearly $5 million to find out how well the state prepares K-12 students for college and careers.

News Harold Levine

Why Colleges Should Care About the Common Core
Education Week Commentary

Dean Harold Levine and Michael Kirst, president of the California State Board of Education, co-wrote “Why Colleges Should Care About the Common Core” for Education Week.

In the piece, Levine and Kirst lay out their concerns that colleges and universities may not be prepared to educate the students who will soon be entering their institutions armed with a “more inquiry-based” and “collaborative problem-solving” approach to learning.

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Common Core Resources

Common Core Standards in Diverse Classrooms

Essential Practices for Developing Academic Language and Disciplinary Literacy

The Common Core State Standards require students to do more with knowledge and language than ever before. Rather than be mere consumers of knowledge, students must now become creators, critics, and communicators of ideas across disciplines. Yet in order to take on these new and exciting roles, many students need daily teaching with an extra emphasis on accelerating their academic communication skills.

Guadalupe Valdés

Guadalupe Valdés
January 14, 2013 - Distinguished Educational Speaker Series

As part of the UC Davis School of Education’s Distinguished Educational Thinker Series, Professor Guadelupe Valdés gave a talk at UC Davis in January 2013 titled “Understanding Language in Schools.” Valdés argues that English learners must be given access to grade level content while they are learning English. “Writing is about ideas, but we pretend with English learners that language must emerge pristine before they can engage in the academic content. We must push for comprehension before focusing on production because it is most important for learning.”

News Jamal Abedi

Jamal Abedi To Serve on Common Core Assessment Group
Edweek, September 7, 2012

Deemed a “heavy-hitter” in the field of assessment for student with disabilities and English learners, Professor Jamal Abedi will serve on a panel of experts charged with advising on the validity and fairness of new assessments tied to Common Core Standards. Read the story here. You can read more about the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium here.

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