Credential/MA Program Info

FAQ about the MA portion of the Credential/MA program

A. MA Year Two Mission and Focus of Study

Why should I complete the MA? How will it help me?

The MA program is designed to develop teacher leaders who are (1) skilled at exploring student learning through the lens of what we can learn about students from data, and (2) who are practiced at working collaboratively to facilitate student learning in pedagogically sound ways.

What is the focus of study in the MA year?

Your work will be classroom based and target the connection between teaching and learning.  You will be expected to actively pursue classroom-based work from the beginning of the school year, and will turn in periodic written assignments.  You will present the results of your work on your scheduled Symposium day towards the end of winter quarter, followed by the submission of your final paper.

B. Eligibility Requirements for Continuing in the MA Year Two Program

What are the eligibility requirements for continuing on to the MA Year Two program?

There are several eligibility criteria for the MA Year Two.  The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. You must provide the Credential Analyst with documentation of completion of ALL credential requirements no later than August 1;
  2. Your cumulative UCD graduate GPA is at least 3.0;
  3. Grade of A, B, or C in all required 100- and 200-level credential/MA courses;
  4. Grade of B- or higher for student teaching (EDU 304A,B,C or EDU 306 A,B,C);
  5. Access to an institutional setting in which your work can be conducted,  such as being the teacher of record in a classroom, being a K-12 tutor or  instructional aide; or guest teaching;
  6. Submission of Parts 1 of the Intent to Enroll form by established due date
  7. Submission of Part 2 of the Intent to Enroll form by established due date

What procedures must I follow to indicate my intent to continue on to the MA Year Two?

In order to track and plan for enrollment, we have created a two-part Intent to Enroll form on the SOE Intranet.  Part 1 of the form indicates that you intend to continue on to the MA Year Two and updates your contact information over the summer.  Part 2 of the form provides information about your institutional setting.  This information is critical for your section assignments.

When are the intent forms due?

What kind of institutional setting qualifies as a satisfactory placement for the MA program?

You need access to an institutional setting in which you can conduct sustained work with the same group of K-12 students during Fall quarter.  Your work will focus on an instructional innovation (or a coherent set of instructional innovations), defined as a “new opportunity to learn” and designed as an “instructional approach” justified as appropriate for meeting your students’ learning needs. The following three options meet the required institutional setting:

  1. Being the teacher of record in a K-12 classroom;
  2. Being a K-12 tutor or instructional aide for a group of students, with the opportunity to implement a coherent instructional innovation with the same students during Fall quarter and the opportunity to observe these students in the classroom setting as well as interview the students’ teacher (this public or private school field work must amount to a minimum of 40 hours during the Fall quarter; please note students spend more than 40 hours in the classroom site during Fall);
  3. Being a guest teacher in another teacher’s classroom with the same students, with the opportunity to implement a coherent instructional innovation during Fall quarter and the opportunity to observe these students in the classroom setting as well as interview the students’ teacher (this public or private school field work must amount to a minimum of 40 hours during the Fall quarter; please note students spend more than 40 hours in the classroom site during Fall)

NOTE:  Because day-to-day substitute teaching does not provide the opportunity for sustained work in a classroom with the same groups of students, substitute teaching WILL NOT satisfy the required institutional setting.  However, if you are hired as a long-term substitute, and your assignment spans Fall quarter with the same group of students, this will meet the requirement.

When or by what date do I have to know my institutional setting?

You must have plans in place and provide this information in Part 2 of the Intent to Enroll form on the SOE Intranet

If you have not yet secured a teaching position by August 1st, this is when you will implement your back up plan for an alternate institutional setting.  This plan must outline the setting you have identified, specifically indicating age/grade, community/school, and collaborating classroom teacher as appropriate. You will be required to submit a form verifying that you have permission from the classroom teacher and the site administrator to conduct the work for your MA project.  The form is available on the SOE Intranet along with the other MA forms.

In the event that you secure a teaching position after August 1, you may change the institutional setting indicated on your Intent to Enroll form to the site of your new teaching position.

C. Program Requirements and Coursework

What are the requirements to complete the MA Year Two?

Requirements for successful completion are:

  • Attendance on Mandatory Dates as outlined in the handouts;
  • Full participation in all class meetings and/or online exchanges;
  • Passing all required courses
  • Satisfactory presentation of your MA project at the MA Symposium
  • Satisfactory completion of your MA project as determined by the Master’s Faculty Committee

What courses will I take during the MA Year Two?

Fall quarter: EDU 206C (4 units), EDU 299 (2 units)
Winter Quarter: EDU 206D (4 units) and EDU 299 (2 units)

I live too far away to drive to the class meetings.  May I still participate in the program?

Yes.  There is a hybrid version available to students in specific focus areas. 

D. Program Logistics

How and when do I register for courses?

The MA Coordinator will email you prior to registration and include a deadline by which you must notify us if your plans to attend have changed.  If you do not notify us of a change, the MA Coordinator will register you for your classes.

What is the MA listserv?

The listserv is an e-mail list consisting of all students and faculty affiliated with the MA program.  You will provide your primary and secondary e-mail addresses on the Intent to Enroll form.  You will receive program information through the listserv.  The program expectation is that (1) you will be checking your e-mail regularly (even through the summer), and (2) if using your UC Davis e-mail account, that you keep your mailbox within your quota allotment so that you can receive listserv notifications.

What kind of technology will I need for Year Two of the MA?

Each student will need a relatively new computer with enough memory to use multiple applications simultaneously and a robust connection to the Internet (a broadband connection is preferred for access to each section’s website).

For Hybrid students, you will need a high speed internet access, computer with a camera, headphones, and a microphone.

Are there any forms required for the MA degree?

At the September orientation meeting, you will complete an Advancement to Candidacy form.  This form formally alerts the Office of Graduate Studies that you intend to complete the MA program and that with the completion of coursework listed on the form, you will have completed all M.A. requirements except for the MA project. After this form has been completed any changes to your program of study must be accompanied by the approval of the program graduate advisor.

Where may I park when I visit campus? Do I need a parking permit?

Parking is free on Saturdays in campus parking lots.  The campus offers a variety of parking options and fees. Contact the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) for information at (530) 752-8277.

E. Financing Your Education

Are scholarships or fellowships available for students?

Graduate block grant fellowships are available for MA Year Two students. A percentage of students receive these fellowships that are based on financial-need and scholarship as determined by a faculty committee. Fellowship awards are made in two rounds: prior to admission to the program, and to students already in the credential program who will continue to the MA Year Two.  ALL fellowships are actually distributed in the MA year.

To receive a fellowship or any Campus financial aid, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted. The form and related information may be found at  Be sure to use school code 001313 and indicate you are a full time student.  The Financial Aid Office will adjust it to part time status.

Will I receive financial aid during the MA program?

For questions about financial aid, contact Graduate Financial Aid at

Do I pay full time or part time fees?

During the Masters part of the program you are considered a part-time student (no more than 6 units per quarter) and you will be charged part time registration fees.

Are there any payment plans available?

You can apply for a Deferred Payment Plan if you would like to spread your quarterly fee payments over 3 months.  You must apply by September 15th and make your 1st installment payment at that time.  Subsequent payments will be due monthly.  Find more information at

F. Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

What is the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan?

UC requires that all students have health insurance.  To meet this requirement, UCD automatically enrolls all registered students in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  Fees for SHIP are charged to the student’s account each school term along with registration fees.  There is no adjustment to the SHIP rate for part time students.

How long do I have SHIP after I graduate?

Eligibility for continuation of SHIP coverage after graduation depends upon the term in which one graduates.  SHIP members who graduate or complete their studies at the end of Winter quarter are NOT automatically enrolled in SHIP for Spring quarter, but are eligible to enroll at non-student rates. Voluntary non-student enrollment must take place within the first 5 working days of quarter, and will provide continuous coverage through the end of the summer coverage period.

SHIP members who graduate at the end of spring quarter or semester automatically receive SHIP coverage through the end of the summer coverage period at no extra cost.  Most MA Year Two students graduate at the end of Winter quarter.

What if I have my own health insurance?

If a student has comparable health insurance with a job and wants to waive participation in SHIP, a  waiver application may be filed online by the deadline which is typically in early to mid-September.  Waiver applications need to be submitted only once each academic year.  The online application will be available at:

G. Deferring Your Studies

What if I want to defer my participation in the MA Year Two program?

While most students continue on to their MA Year Two immediately after their credential year, we have had a number of students take a Planned Education Leave Program (PELP) for good reasons and successfully continue the MA the following year. A student may take a PELP with the approval of the Graduate Advisor. The PELP is intended for students who are experiencing financial hardship, workload or family difficulties, or health problems and who must take time off from their studies. They are guaranteed the right to return to resume academic work.

Given the structure of the program, if a student decides to take time off, they must PELP for the entire academic year and enroll in the following fall quarter.  You must submit your request to PELP before that year’s established deadline, typically in mid-September.  To return to the program after the designated leave time is up, simply register for classes for the next quarter under the advisement of the School of Education.  The PELP application is accompanied by a $70 processing fee (subject to change). See Mary Reid, the MA program coordinator ( for questions and directions on the  PELP process.

How do I withdraw from UC Davis?

If a student chooses to leave the program entirely, the process is called a Withdrawal.  Please see Mary Reid, MA program coordinator, first for advice and procedures.  Withdrawal should occur only under extreme circumstances. The withdrawal form is found at the Office of the Registrar, or if at a distance, call them at (530) 752-2973.  This type of leave is appropriate for a student who does not plan to ever return to UC Davis as a student.

How do I return to the program at a later date?

If for any reason a student drops out of the program but wishes to return at a later date, an “Application for Readmission” must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the quarter of enrollment with a $70 processing fee (subject to change). The form is first considered by the Graduate Advisor and then submitted to Graduate Studies for final approval.

What is Filing Fee?

Filing Fee is a non-registered status available to graduate students who have advanced to candidacy for their degree.  This status maintains eligibility to complete the degree while not registered for classes and within the approved time limitations.  A student uses this option for one quarter when all courses and research have been completed and the project is in final draft form.  There is a $162 processing fee (subject to change).  Most students will complete the MA Year Two program by the end of Winter quarter, so Filing Fee status for Spring quarter is unnecessary.

H. Getting Help

When you have questions throughout the MA program you can contact Mary Reid at for assistance.  Mary is the MA program coordinator and will either answer your questions or refer you to the appropriate resource.

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