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About the Center for Shakespeare in Diverse Classrooms



The mission of the Center for Shakespeare in Diverse Classrooms is to develop, extend and assess approaches to teaching and learning Shakespeare as an object and medium of study, highlighting equitable learning experiences in diverse classrooms.


The center utilizes the themes inherent in Shakespeare’s work to address social justice issues and build literacy in K-12 classrooms by integrating Globe Education practices and UC Davis School of Education expertise to:

  • celebrate Shakespeare’s value in modern world, with a focus on relevance and accessibility
  • develop and document engaging and equitable practices to provide diverse children and youth with access to complex text, themes and stories known worldwide, with fresh approaches
  • explore relevant pedagogical possibilities across disciplines
  • conduct research to understand the impact of these strategies on teacher and student learning and the challenges of enacting relevant practices
  • promote dissemination, integration, and sustainability of practices both in the US and internationally

In addition to providing professional development for K-12 teachers, we work in partnership with teachers to field-test and investigate the practices developed by Globe Education leaders and practitioners. We seek applications and innovations that will serve California’s culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms so that all students have access to complex texts, themes and stories known worldwide. Our programs are intended for students in English, social studies/history, and elementary classes.

A core element of our practices is exploring and assessing students’ expression of complex text through multiple modes of writing, speaking, dramatic performance and visual representations. Our methods leverage the power of story and narrative, and allow for character study and development of empathy through roleplay.

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