Current Research Projects


Current Research Projects

Post Michal Kurlaender

Dr. Michal Kurlaender Awarded $5 Million Grant
Study will show how well California prepares K-12 students for college, careers

University of California, Davis, researchers in education and economics have been awarded nearly $5 million to find out how well the state prepares K-12 students for college and careers.

News Emily J. Solari

$3.5 million grant will help study early reading instruction

A $3.5 million grant to Emily Solari, assistant professor of education, will bring reading instruction to 100 first-grade classrooms in Sacramento, Yolo and other counties in the region as well as in Houston, Texas, by next fall.

Research Heather Rose

Charter School Spending and Saving in California

Sherrie Reed, education PhD candidate and director of research at New Tech Network, won Best Paper by a junior researcher at the International Conference on School Choice in January 2015 for “Charter School Spending and Saving in California.” 

Research Christian Faltis

Colorblind Bilingual Programs Perpetuate Racism
A Call for Race Radical Vision

Many assume bilingual education can level the academic playing field for English learners, but one UC Davis professor calls foul on current programmatic practices.

In a new paper to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) on April 20, 2015, education professor Chris Faltis argues that “colorblind” approaches to multilingualism in education mask agendas that privilege the dominant, or “whitestream,” culture.

Thriving While Black
One Researcher Seeks Answers from Those Who Have Beat the Odds

Though African Americans make up more than 7 percent of high school graduates in California, less than 3 percent graduate eligible for admission to the University of California. In fall 2014, only 500 African and African American students were admitted to a UC campus.

PhD student and education researcher BernNadette Best-Green wants to know why.


Establishing Shared Goals for Improved Instruction: What’s a District Leader To Do?

Too often school district leaders focus so much on operations and compliance with state and federal policy that they don’t pay enough attention to teaching and learning, according to Thomas Timar, professor of education at the UC Davis School of Education. The result is a cacophony of efforts, often working at cross-purposes.

Research Jamal Abedi Christian Faltis

Professors Complete Editorship of AERA Journal with Issue on Assessment

In 2013, Professors Jamal Abedi and Christian Faltis were selected to edit two volumes of Review of Research in Education, one of the most influential education research journals in the world. With Volume 39, Teacher Assessment and the Assessment of Students with Diverse Learning Needs, they complete their run as editors of the prestigious publication.

Research Kevin Gee

Kevin Gee Named Young Scholar in Competitive Research Program

In January, Kevin Gee, assistant professor of education, received the Foundation for Child Development (FCD) Young Scholars research award.

In a highly competitive national competition, FCD makes only five awards each year. With the funding he received with the award, Gee will examine over the next two years the impact of food insecurity on children’s developmental outcomes, focusing particularly on low-income and children of color in the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2007-09.


Evaluation of the Michael Fullan Systems Transformation Collaborative

The three-year Systems Transformation Collaborative aimed to deepen leadership skills at all levels of a district to mobilize commitment and energy to achieve shared goals with a laser-like focus on improved instruction. The collaborative included three phases: design, capacity building, and sustainability, all focused on district and school leaders and leadership within districts to support change. Funded by the Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation, this evaluation will run through June 2015.

Research Cynthia Carter Ching

Designing and Exploring the Impact of Physical Activity Monitor Gaming on Youth Fitness Practices

Led by associate professor Cynthia Carter Ching, this one-year study, funded by the National Science Foundation as an EAGER (Early Concept Grants for Exploratory Research) project, brings together learning sciences and health researchers with professional game designers to develop a behavioral change model for physical activity-monitor gaming that is thus far unique in the existing literatures on games and learning, games for health, and health education/intervention.

Research Jamal Abedi Christian Faltis

Impact of the WRITE Program on English Language Learner Achievement and Teacher Instructional Practice

Through this study, professors Jamal Abedi and Christian Faltis investigating the impact of the WRITE Tier 2 writing program on the academic performance of English Language Learner (ELL) students and on teacher instructional practices in middle and high schools. 

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