GGE Seminar

Kia Darling-Hammond, PhD Candidate,
Stanford Graduate School of Education

Contexts for Queer of Color Thriving

Kia Darling-Hammond is a doctoral candidate in the Stanford University Graduate School of Education.  Kia’s mission is to become steeped in and contribute to discourses on achieving human liberation, self-actualization, wellness, peace, and joy, while centering the wisdom of marginalized communities. Her dissertation explores possibilities for thriving among Black, Latinx, and Asian LGBTQ+ young adults. Prior to her doctoral studies, Kia worked for fifteen years in youth development, teaching, and nonprofit and school management in underserved communities.  Her most recent assignment was as Chief Operating Officer and Superintendent of Stanford New Schools, which acted as the district office for East Palo Alto Academy until 2014.  Kia earned her MAT from Bard College and her BA from Yale University.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
12:00-1:00 pm, School of Education Building, Room 174

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