GAANN Assessment Fellowship

Overview Megan Welsh

Doctoral Fellowships in Educational Assessment, Psychometrics & Quantitative Research Methods
Emphasizing Assessment of Students with Special Needs

Fellowships Available for Full-time Ph.D. Students in Education and in Quantitative Psychology

The UC Davis School of Education and Department of Psychology have recently received funding from the U.S. Department of Education Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program. The GAANN program was designed to attract graduate students from underrepresented groups into a variety of specialized fields with too few highly skilled workers. GAANN awards in the area of psychometrics address a national need to develop expertise in student assessment and in rigorous quantitative research methods, in an environment in which tests are used with increasingly high stakes for students, teachers, and schools despite growing awareness that tests do not always consistently reflect the learning of all students.

GAANN Fellows will undergo rigorous methodological training while also learning about measurement techniques specifically designed to develop and evaluate measures used with English language learners, students at risk of behavioral maladjustment, and students with disabilities. They will also participate in training in higher education pedagogy and take on at least one substantial teaching responsibility.


GAANN fellows will receive fellowship and assistantship for five years that will include a full living stipend, tuition and health benefits.  Successful applicants will also:

1) participate in rigorous training in educational assessment, psychometrics, and quantitative research methods;

2) conduct research with faculty affiliated with the grant;

3) participate in training to teach methodological courses in higher education settings; and

4) be exposed to the work of a wide array of psychometricians and quantitative research methodologists who have agreed to speak in proseminar series.


We seek applicants for a Ph. D. in Education or in Psychology who have a strong quantitative background. Students will concentrate in Educational Assessment, Psychometrics & Quantitative Research Methods with an emphasis on the assessment of students with special needs. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or residents, and eligible for financial assistance.  Members of underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply.


To learn more about the fellowship, students seeking a PhD in the Graduate Group in Education should contact Dr. Megan Welsh at or 530-752-9890, and those seeking a PhD in Psychology should contact Dr. Emilio Ferrer at, or  review our Information Flyer.

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