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CANDEL Grads 2013

The following CANDEL students have completed the program during the fall and winter quarters of the 2012-13 academic year. All graduating students were recognized during the June 2013 commencement ceremony at the Mondavi Center, UC Davis. 

Dr. Joan Caldarera

“Through the Lives of the Teachers:  How Waldorf Class Teachers Think about Morality, Waldorf Education, and the Arts in the 21st Century”

University of Toronto, M.A. 1974
University of Rochester, B.A. 1972

Dr. Matt Chesnut

” ‘Tell Me What You Think’:  An Exploration of the Conception of Practice of Early Intervention Practitioners”

National University, M.A. 2001
California State University, Sacramento, B.A. 1997

Dr. Jennifer McKinnon

“Policy Language as Paradigm:  An Organizational Theory Perspective of No Child Left Behind”

Simpson College, M.A. 2001
University of California, Davis, B.S. 1977

 Dr. Cara Mendoza

“The Effects of the Layoff Process on K-12 Teachers:  How Do Multiple Years of Layoff Notices Affect Teacher Attitude, Persistence, and Practice?”

University of California, San Francisco, M.A. 1995
University of California, Davis, B.A. 1985

Dr. Joseph Pandolfo

“The Effect of Economies of Scale on California School Districts’ Expenditures”

Loyola University, Chicago, M.A. 1996
Indiana University, B.A. 1987

Dr. Hillary Sowers

“Fulfilling the Mission of Innovation and Improvement: A Case Study of a Northern California Charter School”

California State University, East Bay, M.S. 2002
Wheelock College, B.S. 1993

Dr. John Whitmer

“Logging On to Improve Achievement: Evaluating the Relationship between Use of the Learning Management System, Student Characteristics, and Academic Achievement in a Hybrid Large Enrollment Undergraduate Course”

University of California, Davis, M.A. 1999
Central Connecticut State University, B.A. 1995

Dr. Margaret Williams

” ‘Why Can’t We Get More Minority Applicants for Our Openings?’ African American Leadership at Rural and Least Culturally Diverse Community College Administrations: Staying or Leaving”

California State University, Sacramento, M.A. 1975
California State University, Sacramento, B.A. 1973

Dr. Daniel Zaich

“Parents’ Experience with School Choice”

San Francisco State University, M.A. 1998
San Jose State University, B.A. 1996


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