General information

Funding Sources for Teacher Credential/MA Candidates

To receive a fellowship or any Campus financial aid, students must complete and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA form and related information may be found at URL:

For additional questions about financial aid, contact Graduate Financial Aid at

YEAR 1 Funding Sources

Cal Grant

This award is for individuals in a professional teacher preparation program. The awardee must have a bachelor’s degree and plan to attend a program endorsed by the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Students are automatically considered for the award when they submit their initial application. For more information, please see the California Student Aid website.

YEAR 2 Funding Sources

Graduate Block Grant Fellowships

Graduate block grant fellowships are available for M.A. Year Two students. Approximately 25% of students receive these fellowships that are based on financial need and scholarship as determined by a faculty committee. Fellowship awards are made in two rounds: prior to admission to the program, and to students already in the credential program who will continue to the M.A. Year Two. ALL fellowships are actually distributed in the M.A. Year.

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