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Graduate Group in Education Faculty

All of our PhD faculty are members of the Graduate Group in Education (GGE). The GGE also includes a number of faculty from other schools and colleges at UC Davis.

Leonard Abbeduto

Director of UC Davis MIND Institute and Tsakopoulos-Vismara Endowed Chair and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
(916) 703-0234 
Language development; Family processes; Telehealth; Fragile X syndrome; Autism; Down syndrome

Jamal Abedi

Professor of Education
(530) 754-9150
Assessment; Classical theory of measurement; English Learners; Experimental design; Psychometrics; Quantitative methods

Rebecca Ambrose

Associate Professor of Education
(530) 754-4831
Elementary Education; Gender and equity issues in mathematics education; In-service and preservice teacher learning; Mathematics education

Shannon Anderson

Professor of Management at the Graduate School of Management  
Gallagher Hall, Room 3414
(530) 752-3871 
Teacher compensation models, principal effectiveness, performance management systems, learning diagnostic systems, school management, charter schools, and quantitative analysis.

Steven Athanases

Professor of Education
(530) 752-2621
Educational equity; English language arts education; Gay and lesbian issues in education; Minority/Underrepresented Students; Multicultural literature and literacy; Secondary Education; Teacher education research and policy

Heidi Ballard

Associate Professor of Education
(530) 754-6255
Environmental Education; Citizen science; Participatory Action Research; In-service and preservice teacher learning; Science Education; Secondary Education; Service-learning

Robert Bayley

Professor, Department of Linguistics
(530) 752-3209
Second language acquisition and development; language socialization and variation; language brokering in classrooms

Robert Blake

Director, UC Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching (UCCLLT)
(530) 754-7153
Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Gina Bloom

Associate Professor, Department of English
Project Director, Play the Knave, a video game about Shakespeare performance                                                                                        Games for education; theatrical performance in the language classroom; STEAM; digital technology and pedagogy

Scott Carrell

Assistant Professor of Economics
(530) 752-6887
Economics of Education and Labor Economics

Cynthia Carter Ching

Associate Professor of Education
(530) 752-4427
Child Development; Collaborative Learning; Gender and technology; Learning in Informal Settings; Qualitative Methodology; Technology and identity

Harry H. Cheng

Director of UC Davis K-14 Outreach Center for Computing and
STEM Education (C-STEM); and Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Technology in teaching and learning, engineering education, computing education, mathematics education, science education, information technology and robotics in math and science education, learning in informal settings, collaborative learning, learning through robotics competitions

Cecilia Colombi

Professor of Spanish
(530) 752-1244
Spanish language development, pragmatics, functional grammar and Spanish in the United States.

Marcela Cuellar

Assistant Professor
(530) 752-5395
Access and equity in higher education, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Latina/o students, campus climate for diversity

Adela de la Torre

Professor of Chicano and Chicana Studies
(530) 752-1979
Health care access and finance issues that affect the Latino community as well as Border health issues.

Kerry Anne Enright

Associate Professor of Education
Academic language; Academic literacy; English learners; Language development and socialization; First- and second-language writing; Latino youth

Nancy Erbstein

Assistant Research Professor, Human Ecology

Patsy Eubanks Owens

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design
(530) 752-9145 
Adolescent development and the built environment, design of educational environments, participatory action research and qualitative methods (including youth-produced media)

Chris Faltis

Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education, and Dolly and David Fiddyment Chair in Teacher Education
(530) 752-4036
Bilingual Education; Critical Race Theory; English Learners in Secondary School; Immigrants in Schools

Emilio Ferrer

Professor, Department of Psychology

Dana Ferris

Professor, University Writing Program
Second language writing, second language reading, response to student writing, second language teacher education, composition pedagogy

Kevin Gee

Assistant Professor, School of Education

Cristina Gonzalez

Professor of Spanish, Professor of Education
(530) 754-7988
Education Policy and Governance; Educational Leadership; Graduate education issues; Hispanic culture; History of Latinos in the U.S.; History of higher education; History of the University of California; Minority leadership issues; Status of the Spanish language in the U.S.; Undergraduate education issues; Women’s leadership issues

Randi Hagerman MD

Professor of Pediatrics, Endowed Chair in Fragile X Research, Medical Director of the MIND Institute, Director of the Fragile X Treatment and Research Center 
(916) 703-0247
Targeted treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders including fragile X syndrome, premutation involvement including the fragile X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome (FXTAS), and autism; newborn screening for fragile X syndrome and aging studies in developmental disorders.

Cassandra Hart

Assistant Professor of Education
(530) 752-9691

Paul Heckman

Professor of Education and Associate Dean
(530) 752-8309
Curriculum theory and change; Educational Ecology of communities; Educational Leadership; School, curriculum and community change; School restructuring: Organizational arrangements and structures; School culture: change and cognition

Jacob Hibel

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Sociology of education; social stratification; immigration and education; disability; quantitative methods

Michal Kurlaender

Associate Professor of Education & GGE Chair
(530) 752-3748
Education Policy; Educational Program evaluation; Educational stratification and equity; Access and success and postsecondary schooling; Desegregation; Economics of education; Quantitative methods; Sociology of education

Harold Levine

Dean of School of Education
(530) 752-4663
Entrepreneurship in Education; Organizational structure/effectiveness; Qualitative Methodology

Lee Martin

Assistant Professor of Education
(530) 752-2854
Adaptive Expertise; Learning and Cognition; Learning in Informal Settings; Mathematics Education

Danny C. Martinez

Assistant Professor of Education
(530) 752-9749
Adolescent Language and Literacy; English Education; Linguistic Anthropology of Education; Sociocultural Approaches to Learning; Discourse Analysis; Black and Latina/o Youth Interactions; Ethnography

Daniel Melzer

Associate Professor and Associate Director for Expository Writing (University Writing Program)
(530) 754-2690

Julia Menard-Warwick

Assistant Professor in Linguistics
(530) 752-0715
Relationships between second language instruction and the linguistic/cultural identities of teachers and learners; second language literacy development in specific social contexts, especially as it relates to first language literacies, and to bilingual and bicultural family literacies; ethnographic and case study methodologies, including interviewing and classroom observation, and life-history narratives.

Barbara Merino

Professor of Education
(530) 752-3353
Assessment; Bilingual Education; Classroom discourse; Elementary Education; English Learners; In-service and preservice teacher learning; Language Acquisition; Language assessment; Latina/o educational issues; Literacy development; Science Literacy; Secondary Education; Science Education; Sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics; Teacher education research and policy; Teaching of Spanish to native Spanish speakers

Lisa Soederberg Miller

Associate Professor of Human and Community Development
(530) 752-3955
Cognition and learning in adulthood; Changes in cognitive abilities in later life; Language comprehension and memory; Self-efficacy and control beliefs related to cognitive processes; Lifelong learning

Marco Molinaro

Chief Education Officer, Center for Biophotonics
(530) 754-5305
Developing evaluation techniques for technology use in formal and informal educational settings, research on learning in free-choice environments especially as related to understanding of research, how students engage with and use technology in a free-choice setting with a focus on social interactions, using technology to assess student understanding.

Peter Mundy

Professor of Education
(530) 752-0921
Child Development; Counseling; Early Childhood Education; Mental health consultation; Mental health promotion in schools; Special education

Adrienne Nishina

Assistant Professor of Human and Community Development
(530) 752-7003
Adolescent mental health, peer relations, ethnicity/contextual moderators, school-based preventions and interventions, mental health and physical symptoms, and methodological issues.

Marianne Page

Professor of Economics
(530) 752-1551
Economic returns to education; Human capital; School choice and neighborhood effects; Class size reduction

Cindy Passmore

Professor of Education
(530) 752-7883
Science education; Secondary education

Alexis Patterson

Assistant Professor of Education
(530) 752-8675
Science education; Groupwork; Race and schooling; social emotional intelligence; social justice education; literary in science; argumentation and dialogic instruction

Sarah Tinker Perrault

Assistant Professor of University Writing Program
Rhetoric of science; science communication; genre theories; writing pedagogy; graduate education; interdisciplinarity

Rick Pomeroy

Lecturer/Supervisor, Science Credential Program, School of Education
(530) 752-0622
In-service and preservice teacher learning; Interdisciplinary Instruction; Science Education; Secondary Education; Technology in Science; Technology in teaching and learning

Wendell Potter

Senior Lecturer of Department of Physics
(530) 752-3305
Physics/physical science learning at all levels, constructivist approaches to curriculum design and classroom practice; teacher preparation and professional development.

Patricia D. Quijada

Associate Professor of Education

Gloria Rodriguez

Associate Professor of Education
(530) 754-6256
Educational leadership; Latino/a education issues; School finance, Social justice in education

Heather Rose

Associate Professor of Education
(530) 752-1407
Economics of education; Education Policy and Governance; Quantitative methods; School finance

Claudia H. Sanchez-Gutierrez

Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Second language acquisition; textbook analysis; frequency effects in vocabulary learning; derivational morphology in second language teaching

Julie Schweitzer

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Director of the ADHD Program, M.I.N.D. Institute
(916) 703-0450
The identification and treatment of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity (ADHD) and related disorders in children and adults using behavioral/neuropsychological and functional neuroimaging methods; Self-control in ADHD; Alterations in reward and learning in psychopathology; Applied behavior analysis

Kimberlee Shauman

Associate Professor in Sociology
(530) 754-8072
Gender inequalities in careers & earnings; Women in science fields from high school through occupations

Emily Solari

Assistant Professor in Education
(530) 752-5369

Aubyn Stahmer

Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, UC Davis MIND Institute
(916) 703-0254

Dean J. Tantillo

Professor of Chemistry
(530) 754-5635
Chemical education; Accessibility for Blind and Visually Impaired Scientists

Christopher Thaiss

Clark Kerr Presidential Chair and Director of the University Writing Program
(530) 754-9197
Teaching of writing; writing in disciplines and professions; writing across the curriculum; writing program design and administration; reading-writing connections.

Ross Thompson

Professor of Deparment of Psychology
(530) 754-6663
Parent-child relationships, early emotional development and emotion regulation, development of prosocial motivation, applications of developmental science to public policy

Thomas Timar

Professor of Education and Executive Director of CAP-Ed
(530) 754-6654
Education Policy and Governance; International education policy and governance; School finance

Cary Trexler

Associate Professor of Education
(530) 752-2623
Agricultural Education; Agri-food system literacy; Service-learning; Secondary Education; Science Education; Technology in Science; Technology in teaching and learning

Yuuko Uchikoshi Tonkovich

Associate Professor of Education
(530) 754-6271
Bilingual Education; Educational Television; English Learners; Language Acquisition; Language development and socialization; Literacy development; Quantitative methods; Sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics

Karen Watson Gegeo

Professor of Education
(510) 527-5076
Anthropology of consciousness; Bilingual Education; Child Development; Classroom discourse; Classroom research; Community and rural development; Critical discourse analysis; Cultural studies; Education in Developing Countries; Ethnography and Ethnographic research; Feminist theory; Geographical areas of Hawai’i and Solomon Islands; Indigenous epistemology; Language Acquisition; Language development and socialization; Language socialization theory; Linguistic anthropology; Literacy and Language policy; Organizational structure/effectiveness; Pidgin/creole languages; Social disability studies; Sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics

Tobin White

Associate Professor of Education
Collaborative learning; Learning and Cognition; Mathematics Education; Technology in Mathematics; Technology in Science; Technology in Teaching and Learning
(530) 752-9348

Carl Whithaus

Professor, University Writing Program
(530) 754-6903
The impact of information technologies on literacy; Writing in the disciplines and professions (science writing), and writing assessment.


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