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Featured Teacher Demonstration: Marlene Carter

AM Breakout Sessions

Session AM1: A Model of Success: Translating Academic Literacy Skills into Increased Student Achievement and Test Scores

Lauren Weaver, Teaching American History Grant Coordinator

Session AM2: Reciprocal Teaching: Raising Student Achievement Through Collaborative Literacy Experiences

Julie Webb, K-6 Reading Specialist, Patwin Elementary & Area 3 Writing Project Teacher Consultant

Session AM3: Building Literacy Through the Algebra Project at Allison Elementary School

Wendy Gallimore, Sara Soland, & Christine Jang, Allison Elementary

Session AM4: Writing a Wrong: Connecting Authenticity, Engagement, and Assessment

LaRae Blomquist & Emily Diehl, PreK-12 Curriculum Specialists, Elk Grove Unified School District

Session AM5: A Work in Progress: Helping All Students Achieve

Nicole DiRanna, Carlston Family Foundation Award Winner, 2010 & Biology Teacher, Centennial High School, Compton

Building Bridges to Today’s Students: Susan Abbott

PM Breakout Sessions

Session PM1: Get Real! Using Nonfiction Text Features and Structures to Develop Vocabulary and Comprehension

Shannon Cannon, Ph.D., Teacher Education, UC Davis

Session PM2: The Common Core Standards

Tom Adams & Veronica Aguila, California Department of Education, Standards, Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Resources, & Barbara Murchison, California Department of Education, Education Programs Consultant in Instructional Resources

Session PM3: Beyond the Box: Redefining Text for our Multi-Modal World

Belinda Foster, Educational Technology Coordinator, Twin Rivers Unified & Area 3 Writing Project Teacher Consultant

Session PM4: Teaching Students to Annotate Literature

Carrie Weldon, English Teacher, Folsom High School, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist English Language Arts 9-12, Folsom Cordova Unified, & Area 3 Writing Project Teacher Consultant

Session PM5: Building Academic Literacy in the Science Classroom

Kirk Brown, Carlston Family Foundation Award Winner 2006, Science Teacher, Tracy High School

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