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Sample Timeline: Single Subject Credential/MA

The credentialing portion of the program begins in August and concludes in June when you are awarded your teaching credential.   The M.A. portion of the program takes place in fall and winter quarter and can be completed while engaging in your teaching career. Below is a SAMPLE schedule for the program.  This is a guide and is subject to change.

Year 1 – Credential Program

The Single Subject Credential Program (all subjects) begins in early August to ensure that our students will be in their student teaching placements on the first day of the public school year. This start date is earlier than the start of the UC Davis Fall quarter.  The purpose of starting early is to insure that our student teachers experience their classrooms from the first day of the public school year to the last day of the spring semester. The sequence and format for student teaching varies by subject matter cohort, however all cohorts have a long term or primary placement and a short term or secondary placement. 

Pre-Fall/Fall Quarter 

Student teaching in the long-term placement starts with the public school’s first day of school and continues throughout the year (may differ by program).
Typically students go to their teaching placement in the morning and attend classes in the afternoon.

Fall Courses

  • Technology/Computers in the Classroom (EDU 180A)
  • Cultural Diversity and Education (EDU 153)
  • Reading in Secondary Schools (EDU 301)
  • Computers in Education (EDU 180)
  • Effective Teaching (EDU 275)
  • Educating Children with Disabilities (EDU 115)
  • Student Teaching Seminar (EDU 310)
  • Teaching Methods Course (Subject Specific)

Winter Quarter 

Student teaching in long-term and/or short-term placements (depends on program), with UCD courses scheduled in late afternoons and early evenings.

Winter Courses

  • Technology/Computers in the Classroom (EDU 180B)
  • Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Traditions and Approaches (EDU 206A)
  • Student Teaching Seminar (EDU 310)
  • Teaching Methods Course (Subject Specific)
  • Work on Performance Assessment for California Teachers (edTPA)

Spring Quarter

Student teaching continues and courses continue in the late afternoons and earlier evenings.

Spring Courses

  • Technology/Computers in the Classroom (EDU 180C)
  • Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Application of Teacher Research Approaches (EDU 206B)
  • Student Teaching Seminar (EDU 310)
A Single Subject teaching credential is awarded when all program requirements have been met.

Year 2 – Master’s Program

During the second year of the MA/Credential Program students will enroll in classes on a part-time basis so they can teach full-time. MA classes are held either on weekends or in the evenings to accommodate daily teaching obligations. Students who teach out of state may participate in the Year 2 program but they must understand that there are some mandatory on-campus class meetings during the fall and winter quarters. It is not required that you hold a teaching position in order to earn your Master’s degree, however, you must be able to work at least 40 hours with the same group of students during fall quarter.

Fall Quarter

  • Minimum of 40 classroom hours completing teacher research (all hours must be spent in the same classroom)
  • Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Study Design (206C, 4 units)
  • Individual Study (EDU 292, 2 units)

Winter Quarter

  • Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Analysis and Research Reporting (206D, 4 units)
  • Individual Study (EDU 292, 2 units)
  • (No additional classroom time is required) 

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