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Super Saturday – February 8, 2014

Registration 9:00-9:15; Workshops 9:15-11:30

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What, Why and How: Everything You Need to Know about the Effective Use of Mentor Texts (Grades K-

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In this workshop, teachers will walk away with an understanding of what makes up a mentor text, how to choose one, and the focus areas that can be pulled from it.  You’ll learn why mentor texts are so important to use in developing confident young writers, and you’ll have an opportunity to create a writing lesson so you can immediately apply what you’ve learned in your own classroom.

Presenter: Petra Luhrsen, STAR Academy, Natomas Charter School

It’s All in the Details (Grades 3-8)

Want some sure-fire activities to get your students to add “relevant descriptive details”, use “sensory language”, include “well chosen facts” and other important Common Core requirements of narrative and informative writing?  This workshop is full of ideas that will get your students writing in a way that will bring their subjects to life. Using such methods as “Show Don’t Tell” and “Magnify the Moment”, we will learn and practice simple, fun and easy ways for kids to pump up their writing. The focus will begin on narrative writing but move toward the applications in informative and argumentative writing as well.

Presenter: Michelle Lowe, Antelope Crossing MS, Dry Creek JESD

The Art of Explanation: Helping Students Translate their Verbal Ideas into Writing (Grades 5-8)

With the advent of Common Core comes the need to incorporate writing instruction into all subject areas. This workshop achieves that goal in a fun, interactive way! Technology can play an important role in helping students to develop their ideas and to share them with a wider audience by fostering an enthusiasm to communicate with others. Try your hand at using technology to create a video explanation that easily translates into writing as an end product.  You and your students will love it! The process can be applied to any grade or subject area. If you can, please bring your own mobile device (smartphone, iPod Touch, etc.,) to use as a video camera.

Presenter: Alicia Carter, Natomas Charter School

Everything is Debatable:  Using Speaking to Enhance Writing (Grades 9-12)

If you’re looking for strategies that will enhance students’ depth of thinking and improve writing skills, this is the workshop for you! Techniques will include how to analyze a prompt from various perspectives, generate logical supporting evidence and understand the function of counterarguments.

Presenters: Tsz Yin Szeto-McNatt, Monterey Trail HS, Elk Grove USD

In Your Own Words: A Writing Workshop For Teachers (All grades)

Please join us as we celebrate the process and craft of our own writing!  While the content of this session may be modified for student and classroom use, the focus of this writing workshop for teachers is your own writing and the process of it.  We will explore a variety of strategies and genres and provide time for writing as we examine the gifts of experience and inspiration, and the use of writing for reflection, clarity and celebration. Please bring paper, pen, laptop or whatever materials support your writing. Even if you have joined us for previous sessions, this workshop’s content will be different, and you’re invited to return!

Presenter: Edna Shoemaker, Norwood Jr. High, Twin Rivers USD

Presentations, Movies and Polls: Free Teacher Tech Tools! (All Grades)

As a teacher, you have access to some helpful and FREE technological tools. In this session you’ll learn about Prezi (a professional, zooming presentation tool that allows users to easily revamp teacher lectures and student presentations), Animoto (makes creating a music video a breeze) and Socrative (a fun way to get instant feedback from students). We’ll even show you how easy it is to set up accounts and start using them right away!

Presenter: Elise Wallace, Natomas Charter School


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