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Use of Employment History Information

At the School of Education we are incredibly proud of our Credential alumni.

To help us keep track of your accomplishments and employment we are launching a Credential/MA Employment History database. Our goal is that you will let us know where you’ve been teaching since graduation and update your employment history if and when you move on to other districts, schools, or assignments.

Gathering this information is important to us on many levels. First, we like to brag about you. At information sessions we are often asked where our graduates go on to teach and what kind of positions they are in if they choose not to teach in the classroom.

Second, this information is important for accreditation purposes. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing facilitates an ongoing accreditation process for California Teacher Education programs. The School of Education needs to be able to report to the Commission how many of our graduates are currently employed and if their assignment utilizes their primary authorization. We will also use the employment history information to help us analyze the effectiveness of our program and send surveys to site administrators and students about the preparedness of our graduates. 

Finally, we’d like to begin to develop more robust networking opportunities for you. This may mean recruiting our graduates to be mentor teachers, helping facilitate communication between teachers in the same area, or letting you know about professional development opportunities.

Please be assured that your information will not be shared with the University and submitting personal contact information is optional.  You may also choose what kind of information you would like to hear about.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please contact us at

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