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Words Take Wing: Honoring Diversity in Children’s Literature
2010 - Belle Yang

The Words Take Wing series’ sixth author, Belle Yang,  gave three lectures at the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts on March 5, 2010.

Presented by the Children’s Center at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, and by the School of Education, Words Take Wing is a celebration of children’s literature and the writers and artists who create it.

Listen to Belle Yang’s interview on the radio and watch her lectures.

Radio Interview

You can listen to the author talk about the event and Ms. Yang’s work on the Insight Program, hosted by Jeffrey Callison, recorded on March 4.

Morning Lecture

Watch the lecture the author gave at 11 am in one of the following formats:

Evening Lecture

Watch the lecture she gave at 7 pm in one of the following formats:

To learn more about this author, visit Belle Yang’s Web site.

Children’s literature is acutely significant in the literacy lives of our youth. Writers and illustrators capture the intensity of the emotional content, beauty, and emerging world perceptions in the lives of children. Words Take Wing invites notable children’s authors and illustrators to share a glimpse into their art of crafting words and images that seize our hearts and minds.

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