Instructional Support

Instructional Support


Instructional Support collaborates with the Associate and Assistant Deans, emphasis area chairs, and faculty to provide long and short term program planning and scheduling. Works with faculty to establish annual course plans and schedules, identifies needs for TA’s, AI’s, and lecturers, and calculates SFR related to the program schedules. Supports course scheduling logistics, including days and times of course offerings and class space assignments; Banner (campus system) entry of all courses for campus course schedules; DESII (campus system for SFR) entry for reconciliation. Assists faculty with student registration issues, grading issues, book/reader ordering, course evaluations, course approvals, and other faculty needs. Acts as a liaison on behalf of faculty with campus units such as the Registrar, IET, reprographics, the library, the Academic Senate Office and other academic departments.

  • Long-range academic planning support for School of Education programs including assistance with course approvals
  • Faculty support for course scheduling and day-to-day class logistics including assistance with instructional technical support such as Smartsite
  • Coordination of facilities use; arranges room scheduling for other meetings and events held in School of Education space
  • Coordination of the TA processes

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