MA Program Information

MA with Elective Coursework in the Area of Educational Assessment and Measurement

The School’s one-year MA in Education current research focus is in Educational Assessment and Measurement.

As such, it focuses on developing skills in quantitative research methods and in the interpretation, design, and evaluation of educational and psychological assessments, and prepares students to work as assessment experts in a variety of settings including:

  • school districts,
  • state departments of education,
  • educational research and policy organizations,
  • testing companies, and
  • institutional research offices.

This one-year full-time program requires students to take a variety of courses in research methods, statistics, and educational measurement while also exposing students to educational measurement issues in an hour-long proseminar that hosts guest speakers who work in assessment in a variety of settings. In addition to coursework, students will complete a capstone project that will include a written exam.

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