MA Program Information

Program Curriculum and Courses

1. Prerequisite Methodology Course

EDU 114, Quantitative Methods in Educational Research, 4 units

2. Core Electives in Quantitative Research Methods (students take all courses)

EDU 200, Educational Research, 4 units
EDU 204A, Quantitative Methods in Educational Research: Analysis of Correlation and Design, 4 units
EDU 204B, Quantitative Methods in Educational Research: Experimental Design, 4 units

3. Core Electives in Educational Measurement (students take all courses)

EDU 203, Educational Testing and Evaluation, 4 units
EDU 237, Survey Research Methods, 4 units
EDU 213, Individual Assessment, 4 units
EDU 298, Professional Seminar in Educational Assessment, 4 units

4. Additional Elective Courses
(students take 1 or 2 courses)

EDU 201. Survey of Qualitative Methods
EDU 236. Application of Hierarchical Linear Models in Educational Research
EDU 292. Advanced Quantitative Methods in Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis
EDU 292. Practical Issues and Applied Data Analysis
PSYCH 205B. Factor Analysis
PSYCH 205C. Structural Equation Modeling
PSYCH 205F. Item Response Theory

Total Required to Complete the Program = 36 units
(9 courses @ 4 units each)

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