A Message to the Community

In light of the killings of yet more Black Americans at the hands of police and the inspiring protests that continue in cities around the country, we want to add our voice to those calling for justice. Our own Chancellor Gary May has spoken eloquently on the issue, and pointed to the role education plays in our collective efforts to “create a way forward.” 

It is our responsibility to speak up, not only as educators or academics but through our shared humanity. We need to acknowledge the pain and suffering of our Black community members and say: You matter. Your families matter. Your contributions matter. Your lives matter. We are not who we are without you. You are of us, and we are for you.

These events speak to our core mission at the School of Education—to eliminate inequities through the power of knowledge and the promise of education. Our efforts are critical to the hard work of eliminating racism in society at large. We know that racism is not just out there in the streets, it is also embedded in university campuses and in k-12 schools. We strive toward social justice, and yet we fall short—in our classrooms, in our meetings, in our hallways, and in our hearts. We must try harder as individuals and as a community.

We also want to share that the UC Davis Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has created a website with resources for racial trauma to support our community as we continue to find ways to build and strengthen the diverse culture of the university. This page continues to be updated, so we encourage you to revisit it for updated information and resources.

Let’s keep working, together. 

In solidarity,

Michal Kurlaender
Department Chair
School of Education

Lauren E. Lindstrom
School of Education

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