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Family Math Day

UC Davis Multiple Subject Teachers Make Math Fun

UC Davis Multiple Subject Teachers recently combined recreation with problem-solving at a special event at Saint Mary’s Church in Vacaville.  More than 100 members of the Spanish-speaking community attended, had fun and worked together during this Mathemática Para La Familia (Family Math) celebration.
Many of the activities were practical in nature. They included measuring attributes, consumer simulations and games that dovetailed with the procedural fluency that is central the California Common Core Standards. Good math problems can be as challenging to an adult as they are to a child, and that quality made this event a success.
The event was funded jointly by a grant from the Vacaville Public Education Foundation (VPEF), the Delta Xi Chapter of International Society for Key Woman Educators (Delta Kappa Gamma) and St. Mary’s Church in Vacaville. Participants began with a delicious lunch prepared by local restaurateur Graciela Vargas. We capped off the day with a literature connection: each child was able to choose an age-appropriate book from a large selection of children’s books that were topically connected to math.

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