Minor in Education FAQs

What are the benefits of an Education minor?

Build a foundation of knowledge for those who plan to earn a teaching credential, enter a profession that focuses on working with people, or an advanced degree in Education (or related field). The minor will allow you to access the resources offered by the School of Education: internship and research opportunities, current developments in educational research and policy, events related to education. Students will receive a transcript notation upon completion of the minor.

When do I declare an Education minor?

Education courses are upper division courses mainly open to juniors and seniors. As soon as you decide to pursue a minor you may contact the School of Education at eduadvising@ucdavis.edu for advisement. The declaration of your minor is done online the quarter before you plan to graduate.

How do I declare a minor?

Once you are ready to declare your minor, you must submit a “Petition to Declare a Minor” form online through your My UC Davis page. List your minor courses including those you plan on taking or are in progress and then submit this to the School of Education. Upon review by the education advisor for the minor, the form will be electronically processed.

Do I need an internship for a minor?

You are not required to have an internship for a minor but you may use up to four units of internship units towards the twenty units needed for a minor.

How can I set up an internship?

There are several ways to set up school internships. Contact the School of Education for specifics on education sponsored internships. Research internships may be offered by individual education faculty. See the faculty advisor for further information. Classroom internships are also part of EDU 100 course: Introduction to Schools. Also go to the Internship and Career Center in South Hall where they will put you into contact with teachers looking for students to work in their classrooms.

Contact information:

  • Education Internships: Student Services, eduadvising@ucdavis.edu
  • Internship and Career Center: icc.ucdavis.edu
  • Writing Ambassadors: Katie Arosteguy, Program Director, karosteguy@ucdavis.edu
  • MAST: Susann Pinter, MAST Advisor, spinter@ucdavis.edu

Will an Education minor improve my chances of getting into a credential program?

Completing the minor is not a prerequisite for entering the UCD Teaching credential program. However, EDU 110 is a required prerequisite for the credential.  EDU 100 will provide an opportunity to learn more about the public school system and it might qualify towards your 30 hour classroom experience prerequisite.  Credential programs at other universities may also require these courses. Check with the individual programs.

Can I transfer in courses from other universities to count for the minor?

Courses accepted for transfer by UC Davis may count towards the minor. Submit a request in writing (e-mail suffices), include a course description and your contact information to the undergraduate staff advisor. The request will be reviewed by the undergraduate faculty advisor. You will be informed of the decision by e-mail.

Whom do I contact for more information?

School of Education, Student Services Office: 752-5887 or eduadvising@ucdavis.edu. Office location: School of Education Bldg., room 261.

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