NGSS Science Leader Program

Learn to facilitate high quality professional development using the Next Generation Exemplar System (NGSX)

The Sacramento Area Science Project has an exciting leadership opportunity this summer. Over the course of 10 workshop days you will receive cutting edge leadership development for NGSS in the form of facilitator training using the Next Generation Science Exemplar System (NGSX). See http://www.ngsx.org/index.php/public/home for more information about the PD system.

NGSX is a web-enabled, face-to-face PD system that allows groups of teachers to explore and learn about the high leverage NGSS practices of Modeling, Explanation and Argumentation and guides them through a unit planning process. Our Science Leader Program will take you through this PD system as a participant AND will take you through a series of parallel facilitator training modules. This will prepare you to take the NGSX system back to your school system and, in coordination with SASP, you will be equipped to run your own NGSX study groups at home. 

Summer institute dates are June 27-30 and July 19-21 with an additional 3 days TBD. You must be able to attend all dates in June and July to participate. The TBD dates will be scheduled based on participant availability.


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