Post-doctoral Researchers

Nancy Calhoun McIntyre
Postdoctoral Scholar & Clinical Director

Dr. Nancy McIntyre is a credentialed teacher turned researcher who has worked with children of diverse backgrounds and educational needs in preschool through high school settings.  Her research focuses on children with developmental differences and how they learn and grow in academic settings.

Research Interests

  • Reading development, assessment, and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Attention and memory in children with developmental differences and the impact on learning in educational settings.
  • Language, social communication, and social cognitive development of children with neurodevelopmental disorders and the impact on reading comprehension.
  • Early detection of, and intervention for, reading disabilities.


  • Ph.D. University of California at Davis, Education; Learning and Mind Sciences, 2014.

    • Dissertation:  Social, language, and executive cognition factors in reading development in school-aged children with high functioning autism.
  • Teaching Credential, San Francisco State University, CA, Multiple Subjects Clear Credential, 1992.
  • B.S. University of California at Davis, Design.  Minor, Psychology, 1988.

Current Research and Training

Postdoctoral Scholar (2015 – present):
  • Project:  Reading Intervention for Higher Functioning Children Affected by ASD, UC Davis Reading and Academic Development Center (P. Mundy and E. Solari, P.I.’s)

    • Role: Project Coordinator 
    • Reading research with children with ASD who have challenges in language and reading comprehension.  Investigating adaptation of a validated reading comprehension intervention to best serve the unique needs of children with developmental differences.
  • UC Davis Reading and Academic Development Center, Educational and Clinical Services
    • Role:  Clinical Director 
    • The RAD Center provides consultation, assessment, and intervention for reading and learning disabilities in children in the UC Davis region. 
  • Project:  Reading Intervention for First-Graders at Risk for Reading Disability (E. Solari, P.I.)
  • Project: Virtual Reality Applications for the Study of Attention and Learning in Children with Autism and ADHD (P. Mundy, P.I.), 2012-present
    • Role:  Former lead doctoral student with continued collaboration on data analysis and preparation of manuscripts for publication.  
    • Longitudinal study that investigated social attention in children with autism and/or ADHD and its relation to learning, academic achievement, and social outcomes.
  • Clinical Training (2012-present):
    • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2, ongoing training and research reliability accreditation, Modules 1 – 4, UC Davis MIND Institute.


Peer Reviewed
  • McIntyre, N., Solari, E., Gonzales, J., Solomon, M., Swain-Lerro, L., Novotny, S., Oswald, T., & Mundy, P. (under review). The scope and nature of reading comprehension impairments in school-aged children with high functioning autism spectrum disorder.
  • Mundy, P., Kim, K., McIntyre, N., Swain, L., & Jarrold, W. (under review).  Brief Report: Joint attention and information processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Kim, K., Rosenthal, Z., Gwaltney, M., Jarrold, W., Hatt, N., McIntyre, N., Swain, L., Solomon, M., & Mundy, P. (2014).  A virtual joystick paradigm for the study of emotional responses and social motivation in children with ASD. Journal of Autism and Related Disorders, DOI 10.1007/s10803-014-2036-7.  Paper selected to appear in Psychology Progress. Psychology Progress alerts the scientific community to breaking journal articles considered to represent the best in Psychology research.
  • Jarrold, W., Mundy, P., Gwaltney, M., Bailenson, J., Hatt, N., McIntyre, N., Kim, K., Solomon, M., Novotny, S. & Swain, L. (2013).  Social attention in a virtual public speaking task in higher function children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism Research, 6, 393-410.
Book Chapter
  • Mundy, P., Mastergeorge, A., & McIntyre, N.  (2012). The effects of autism on social learning and social attention, Chapter 1, In Mundy, P. & Mastergeorge, A. (Eds). Autism for Educators: Vol. 1, Translating Research to Schools and Classrooms (pp 3-34). San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass.


  • University of California, Davis, Global Education Programs, National Taipei University of Education (NTUE) Special Education Department, January 2016.  Solari, E. and McIntyre, N. Presented at UC Davis to visiting scholars from NTUE.  Reading development and instructional practices for high-functioning students with autism. 
  • Yolo County Office of Education (SELPA), November 2015.  Mundy, P., and McIntyre, N. Learning and the human nature of autism spectrum disorder.
  • University of California, Davis, MIND Institute, Summer Institute on Neurodevelopmental Disorders, August 2015. Solari, S. and McIntyre, N. Reading development and instructional practices for students with high-functioning autism.
  • Haskins Laboratories, Yale University, September 2015.  McIntyre, N.  Reading comprehension in children with high functioning autism:  Latent variable modeling of social, cognitive, and language factors.
  • University of Connecticut, Child Language Lab, September 2015.  McIntyre, N. Reading comprehension in children with HFA:  Examining associations between core features of ASD, ADHD symptomatology, oral language, and reading skills.
  • University of California at Davis, MIND Institute, Autism Research Training Program, November 2014. Mundy, P. and McIntyre, N. The school-aged child: Developmental accomplishments. 
  • University of Amsterdam, Department of Psychology, July 2014.  McIntyre, N. Reading in students with high-functioning autism and ADHD.
  • University of California at Davis, Education 115: Exceptional Children in the Classroom, Guest Lectures. March 2013, 2014; February 2015.  McIntyre, N. Teaching Children with Autism.
  • University of California at Davis, MIND Institute, Minds Behind the MIND Lecture Series, April 2013.  McIntyre, N.  Reading comprehension and students with HFASD.
  • UC Center for Research on Special Education, Disabilities, and Developmental Risk, Santa Barbara, California, January 2016.  N. McIntyre. Reading development and social cognition in school-aged children with autism, ADHD, or typical development. (Talk)
  • International Meeting for Autism Research, Salt Lake City, Utah, May 2015.  N. McIntyre, P. Mundy, M. Solomon, T. Oswald, L. Swain-Lerro, M. Zajic. Reading Comprehension, Language Disturbance, and the Social Communication Phenotype of ASD.  (Talk)
  • Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 2015.  N. McIntyre, M. Solomon, T. Oswald, L. Swain-Lerro, S. Novotny, P. Mundy.  The Impact of Attention Disturbance and Language Impairment on Reading Comprehension in School-Aged Children with ASD. (Poster)
  • International Meeting for Autism Research, Atlanta, Georgia, May 2014.  N. McIntyre, S. Novotny, L. Swain-Lerro, J. Beck, M. Montanez, T. Oswald, M. Solomon and P. Mundy.  Reading Comprehension Impairments in Higher Functioning School-Aged Children with ASD. (Poster)
  • UC Center for Research on Special Education, Disabilities, and Developmental Risk, Santa Barbara, California, January 2014.  N. McIntyre. Reading Comprehension in Students with HFASD. (Talk) 
  • International Meeting for Autism Research, San Sebastian, Spain, May 2013.  McIntyre, N., Mundy, P., Gwaltney, M., Hatt, N., Jarrold, W., Solomon, M., & Swain, L. Reading and Oral Language Comprehension in Students with ASD. (Poster)
  • American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, California, May 2013. McIntyre, N.  Reading Comprehension in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  (Talk)

Professional Associations

  • Council for Exceptional Children, Member, 2015-2016.
  • International Society for Autism Research, Member, 2012 – 2016.
  • Society for Research in Child Development, Member, 2014 – 2016.
  • UC Center for Research on Special Education, Disabilities, and Developmental Risk, Doctoral Student Advisory Council Member, 2012 – 2015. 

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