CANDEL Fees and Financial Aid

Engaging in a doctoral program represents a significant personal and professional commitment of energy, time, and finances. To support the financial aspect of this commitment and potentially offset program fees, multiple forms of financial assistance may be available, including loans, grants and University of California designated program funds. The specific type and combination of these resources is based upon each student’s level of financial need. The CANDEL program works with the UC Davis Financial Aid Office to help determine this level of need and identify availableresources to assist students. It should be noted that the amounts and types of assistance available vary by program, year and the number of applicants with identified financial need.

CANDEL Estimated Tuition and Fees for 2019-20

The CANDEL program follows the UC Davis Graduate Fee schedule. Click here for the latest on Graduate (resident) fees for Academic Year 2010-20.

Because fees are subject to gubernatorial, legislative and Regental action, fees may change without notice.

Financial Aid

As a full time enrollees in the CANDEL program, students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance. Students may finance program costs independently or may qualify for financial aid in the form of CANDEL program related grants or Federally based student loans.   In order to be considered for financial aid a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). For more information on filing a FAFSA and other ways to fund your doctorate education, please visit the UC Davis Graduate Financial Aid page.

CANDEL Specific Program Financial Aid Funds

Part of the professional fees paid by CANDEL students go directly back to students in the form of financial aid program grants. The CANDEL program receives a percentage of the professional fee which is to be used specifically for students who are eligible for need-based financial aid and have a FAFSA on file. Most of the students who have a financial need as identified on their FAFSA, receive CANDEL program grant funds to offset their tuition costs.  The amount of the grant awards are subject to change each year.

UC Employee Tuition Discount

The CANDEL program participates in the UC career staff tuition reduction program. Reduced fees are available to UC career employees and certain UC retirees who are qualified for admission to the university. Accepted students in to the program must file a petition the Employee-Student Reduced Fee Authorization Form with the Office of the University Registrar in 12 Mrak Hall for the reduction of fees.

USAP Funds

Each year the CANDEL program receives funds to help graduate students with financial need offset their program fees. These funds are professional program specific and may have an impact on loan eligibility, amounts or payments.

Summer Learning Institute

In addition to the standard program tuition, our annual Summer Learning Institute requires a supplemental fee of approximately $300 – $700.  This event is generally held at a conference center and the fee covers the cost for room and board, meals and meeting hall facilities.  Attendance at this seminar class is mandatory for all first and second year students.  

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