Collabinar CANCELED: Jackie James and the Tonawanda Coke Campaign

Harnessing the Power of Science and Community for Cleaner Air​


In recognition of the ongoing UC-wide strike, we have decided to cancel this Collabinar. 

The represented units involved include student employees, and academic research and postdocs. With so many folks in our community affected, we think it’s best to hold off on our event tomorrow. We want to ensure that everyone who wants to be a part of this event can have the opportunity (More information about the strike can be found here).

We hope to reschedule the Collabinar with Jackie for a later date, and the information will be updated below.


In 2005, Jackie and her neighbors founded the Clean Air Coalition of WNY, and worked together to hold the company and its environmental manager responsible for emitting dangerous chemicals into surrounding neighborhoods. Using community-based science, collaboration with government agencies, and a campaign of public pressure, community members achieved over a 92% reduction of benzene (a known carcinogen) at Tonawanda Coke. These efforts contributed directly to the company’s 2013 conviction on fourteen counts of breaking environmental laws in U.S. district court, ultimately resulting in the plant’s closure in 2018. Today, Jackie works with fellow Western New York residents as board chair of Citizen Science Community Resources and mentors communities nationwide.You can learn more about her current work here.

Join Jackie James and the Center to discuss the importance of scientist/community collaborations and how these collaborations can help drive successful community based citizen science campaigns. 

About the Collabinar Series
The Center for Community and Citizen Science Collabinar events invite our partners from across the globe to bring us their most exciting challenges and opportunities in community and citizen science. Each event supports mutual learning, and advances projects and partnerships. To stay informed about upcoming Collabinars, please sign up here.

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