Enacting Greatness: Leadership by Design

Growth Minded Practices for California Principals

Designed as a task force capable of re-shaping the way principals and teachers interact, the Principal Excellence Project (PEP) seeks to promote High-Leverage Leadership Practices in our schools by increasing the involvement of our principals.  Following suit with recommendations from the California Department of Education to improve teacher evaluation processes, the PEP Task Force was charged with developing a report that:

  • Investigates, identifies, and recommends high-leverage leadership practices for California principals; and
  • Identifies the necessary knowledge and skills, resources, organizational structures, and interpersonal behaviors needed to effectively implement the identified practices.

Enacting Greatness: Leadership by Design highlights key strategies and high-leverage practices that will increase principals’ capacity to lead schools and, ultimately, advance the growth-minded concept of continuous teacher and principal learning and development.

Enacting Greatness Full Report

Enacting Greatness Short Version

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