Globe Education Academy for Teachers

The Globe Education Academy for Teachers is a professional development residency for for drama and English teachers of grades 7–12 and community colleges in the Sacramento region. The academy is a partnership of the School of Education, the Mondavi Center at UC Davis, and Shakespeare’s Globe in London. There is an annual application process for the residency, which lasts from spring to fall.

The Globe Education Academy is comprised of three segments. The spring segment features UC Davis and Globe Education practitioners from London presenting three workshops at UC Davis designed to deepen the understanding of Shakespeare’s work and applications, connections and relationships that his work inspires. Participants learn new strategies and creative ways to teach Shakespeare in the classroom. Each participating teacher is asked to attend along with three to four students from their respective classrooms.

The summer segment is a two-week residency in London, England, to study at Shakespeare’s Globe. Teachers walk the cobblestone streets of Bankside in Southwark, participate in an excursion across London and seek images of Shakespeare in museums and cathedrals to determine how his countrymen viewed him. Under the guidance of a dedicated Course Director, participants work with Globe Education practitioners and theatre artists to develop strategies to bring Shakespeare’s words to life through voice, movement and staging.

The fall segment takes place at Mondavi Center, UC Davis, when residents and their students take part in a culminating ensemble performance from a Shakespeare play and share in a final day of celebration. The performances demonstrate strategies learned by the residents. View videos of past fall festival performances here.

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