Meet Dean Lauren Lindstrom

Watch her video message about the School of Education

Meet Dean Lauren Lindstrom

In June 2017, the School of Education celebrated the arrival of Dean Lauren Lindstrom with a gathering of supporters, including Interim Dean Paul Hastings and Founding Dean Harold Levine. “When the School of Education began the search for our new Dean,” Hastings said in his remarks, “we were looking for a true educational leader, someone with demonstrated excellence in research, teaching and administration. We wanted to find a leader who would understand the breadth and diversity of the field of teaching across all ages and across communities, someone who would be ready to work with us on making a high-quality education accessible for all. Dr. Lindstrom is all that and more.” Hastings also thanked Founding Dean Levine for being in attendance as the torch was passed to the next leader of the School of Education.

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