School of Education Update on Covid-19

June 24, 2020

The School of Education Building and our Drew Avenue and Cowell Boulevard offices remain closed to the public. Our staff and faculty are continuing to work remotely and are available by phone, email and video to assist you. All of our Summer classes are being held remotely.

On June 6, UC Davis announced plans for Fall Quarter instruction, along with information regarding preparing for expanded campus operations. These plans were developed in alignment with guidance from county public health officials. At the School of Education, we expect almost all of our Fall classes will be offered remotely with very few exceptions for in-person instruction. Any instruction offered in person must have a corresponding remote option. In-person instruction or field work (such as student teaching) must have an approved plan to comply with COVID-19 prevention practices including:

  • physical (social) distancing;
  • use of face coverings as indicated by state or county public health authorities;
  • frequently practice hand hygiene (i.e., handwashing, sanitizer);
  • regular cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, laboratories and related instructional materials and equipment; and
  • minimizing the use of shared equipment and/or establishing a program to clean shared equipment between uses.

The University has a wealth of frequently updated information available at, including information for students and families, research on COVID-19, and news about changes in campus policies.

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