School of Education Update on Covid-19

February 3, 2021

The School of Education Building and our Drew Avenue and Cowell Boulevard offices remain closed to the public. Our staff and faculty will continue to work remotely until March 29, 2021, and are available by phone, email and video to assist you.

On December 18, 2020, UC Davis announced that all lecture courses will continue to be offered only through remote instruction to the end of the spring quarter. However, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Mary Croughan invited proposals for courses featuring experiential learning or hands-on learning, and also other small class-size offerings that might have been canceled in earlier quarters or might be appropriate to hold in spring quarter. At the School of Education, we expect that all but one or two classes will be offered remotely. UC Davis hopes to return to full in-person instruction in Fall 2021.

In-person instruction or field work (such as student teaching) must have an approved plan to comply with COVID-19 prevention practices including:

  • physical (social) distancing;
  • use of face coverings as indicated by state or county public health authorities;
  • frequently practice hand hygiene (i.e., handwashing, sanitizer);
  • regular cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, laboratories and related instructional materials and equipment; and
  • minimizing the use of shared equipment and/or establishing a program to clean shared equipment between uses.

The University has a wealth of frequently updated information available at, including information for students and families, the COVID Assessment Pilot Program, and guidelines for resuming research. The Dean’s Student Advisory Council has also prepared a list of student resources related to COVID-19 and other needs which can be downloaded here.

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