Teacher Credential/MA Program

The credential/MA program has a variety of part-time teaching positions available annually, depending on instructional need.  The courses that we frequently need part-time instructors for include:

Edu 300. Reading in the Elementary School 

Edu 301. Reading in the Secondary School 

Edu 151: Language Development in the Chicano Child

Edu 152. Academic Spanish for Bilingual Teachers 

Edu 206A. Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Traditions and Approaches 

Edu 206B. Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Application of Teacher Research Approaches

Edu 206C. Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Study Design

Edu 206D. Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Data Analysis and Research Reporting

Descriptions of these courses can be found in the general catalogue:

The job posting for part-time lecturers is available here:


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