Welcome Déana Scipio!

Our new Senior Researcher, Déana Scipio will join us in September, and we’re excited to welcome her to the team. Dr. Scipio comes to us from TERC, a nonprofit education research and development organization based in Massachusetts. Here in Davis, she’ll be leading our youth-focused citizen science research efforts in collaboration with academic and museum partners in California and the UK. 

Dr. Scipio’s research focuses on redefining broadening participation in STEM. As a design-based researcher, she has designed and studied learning environments within formal and informal contexts. As a designer of learning environments, Dr. Scipio focuses on equitable design, creating spaces for learners from non-dominant groups to demonstrate and create disciplinary expertise, architecting community-university partnerships to facilitate multidirectional learning, and helping experts and mentors build pedagogical capacity. During her PhD program at the University of Washington, Dr. Scipio was a graduate researcher at the institute for Science and Math education and the LIFE Center where she served as the project and research coordinator for Project COOL: Chemical Oceanography Outside the Laboratory an out-of-school time chemical oceanography program that brought youth, undergraduates, graduate students, and scientists together to work on water-based science research and communication projects. COOL was developed in partnership with a citizen science organization called SoundCitizen. SoundCitizen works with the public to collect and mail in water samples from many locations around Puget Sound and then tests the samples for a variety of natural, industrial, and household chemicals in order to understand cycles of chemical presence and absence in Puget Sound waters.

Welcome, Dé!

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