Our projects include large statewide education initiatives for the Department of Education, university-based projects funded by federal agencies, and  non-profits projects. We have worked on numerous teacher professional development projects, after school initiatives, and interdisciplinary collaborations. 


Integrated Professional Learning Systems

Integrated Professional Learning Systems (IPLS) is the title of REEd’s Teacher-based Reform (T-BAR) Improving Teacher Quality State Grant Program (2014-2016). 

Recognizing that California lacks an effective statewide system for supporting the professional growth of its K-12 educators, the IPLS leadership team tapped into this funding opportunity as a way to explore methods to address that need.


An Evaluation of Career Technical Education Programs

Under the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

REEd at UC Davis School of Education has been contracted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to evaluate the department’s Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs in the state.  CDCR currently operates CTE Programs at 35 sites in the state, with the capacity to serve 8,805 inmates.  CTE programming is designed to be aligned with appropriate career pathways and industry established standards.  CTE curriculum is designed to provide training and skills th


Sierra Sands Technology Grant
Executive Summary

Annual Program Evaluation 

In 2013 the Sierra Sands School District received grant funding from the Department of Defense to purchase Google Chromebooks for all math classrooms in the district.


Past Projects

Evaluation Projects

Fairfield-Suisan Unified School District CaMSP Program Evaluation is an example of a three-year teacher professional development program evaluation to improve math instruction and prepare teacher leaders to support math instruction district-wide. 

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