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Research at the RAD Center focuses on meeting the educational needs of school-age children with learning or developmental challenges. While the clinical services wing of the RAD Center is dedicated to assessing and intervening with learning challenges via high quality standardized assessments and  researcher-created, evidence-based instructional practices, the research wing of the RAD Center continues to develop even more comprehensive understanding of these learning challenges across school-age children with diverse learning needs. Research projects at the RAD Center have received funding from the Institute of Education Sciences, UC Davis, and private donations (including the Brett-Cornett Fund).

Current research projects at the RAD Center include an efficacy evaluation of a word reading and reading comprehension intervention for first-grade students at risk for reading difficulties and disabilities and an implementation of an evidence-based language and comprehension intervention for elementary school students with autism spectrum disorders. Past research projects at the RAD Center have included a longitudinal study on the social, cognitive, and academic development in school-age children with autism spectrum disorders or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

The research conducted at the RAD Center could not be made possible without the faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate student researchers, staff members, and undergraduate research assistants. Across the projects at the RAD Center, we have been fortunate enough to work with dozens of undergraduate research assistants, many of whom who have now pursued graduate programs in education, psychology, and medicine.

Check out each project’s page to learn more about each project, the funding sources, conference presentations, and journal article publications. You can also find pages containing information covering funding sources, conference presentations, and journal article publications across all projects.

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