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Integrated Professional Learning Systems (IPLS) Initiative Report
Moving California Toward a Statewide Model for Professional Growth that Prioritizes Teaching

Between 2014 and 2016, REEd at UC Davis worked closely with schools, districts, and county office of education throughout California on the Integrated Professional Learning Systems (IPLS) initiative. IPLS aimed to ensure that support for teaching practices was an integral component of every teacher evaluation and professional growth system in California.


Developing Professional Growth Systems
Lessons from Educators Who Reinvented Teacher Evaluation

J. Koppich and Associates, an external education consulting firm, worked with REEd to document the lessons learned from the Integrated Professional Learning Systems (IPLS) initiative between 2014 and 2016. 


State of the Center Report

REEd is pleased to share our recent report describing the status of the Center’s progress over the past decade. In particular, we highlight recent organizational changes and the refocusing of REEd’s mission that have taken place between 2013-16. We hope that you take time to learn more about REEd’s significant contributions. We are particularly proud of our efforts to move research findings that positively impact teaching and learning into practice.


Enacting Greatness: Leadership by Design

Growth Minded Practices for California Principals

Designed as a task force capable of re-shaping the way principals and teachers interact, the Principal Excellence Project (PEP) seeks to promote High-Leverage Leadership Practices in our schools by increasing the involvement of our principals.  Following suit with recommendations from the California Department of Education to improve teacher evaluation processes, the PEP Task Force was charged with developing a report that:

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