REEd Services



Research Practice Partnerships

The REEd Center Research Partnerships facilitate collaborations between researchers and school districts, county offices and state education agencies across the nation. The goal of the partnerships is to bring together practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in order to engage in a thriving learning community in an effort to enhance educational opportunities and reducing inequality for students.

The objectives of the partnerships are to:

  • Promote and encourage a shared environment for educators, researchers, and policymakers to collaborate
  • Generate useful and actionable research on trends, programs, and policies that informs and improves educational practices
  • Ensure that research and support aligns with district, county office and state priorities and leads to evidence-based and data-driven decision making

Strategic Planning Services

Through strategic planning services, the REEd Center offers opportunities to support schools and districts by:

  • Leveraging leadership to align teaching and leadership practices in an effort to close equity gaps.
  • Elevating policy to improve accountability and support systems to improve results for all students.
  • Operationalizing evidence-based equity centered practices for teaching, leading and learning.
  • Realizing improvement through support for the creation of structures designed to improve organizational practices across low-performing systems.

Evaluation Services

REEd provides comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, measurement and research services to determine the effectiveness and impact of research, training and service programs across schools, the state and the nation. We conduct program monitoring and evaluation to inform decisions.

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