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Leslie Banes

Research Program Analyst

I am a former bilingual teacher, proficient in English and Spanish. Broadly speaking, my work focuses on preparing teachers of culturally and linguistically diverse students, equity issues in mathematics teaching and assessment, and the intersection between language and mathematics learning.  My teaching experience includes four years teaching bilingual students in California and Spain, leading professional development for teachers in China, Spain, and California, and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at UC, Davis. Beyond striving to ensure that my students learn the fundamental content of courses I teach, my objectives are twofold: to develop a strong learning community and maintain a balance of high challenge and high support. 


Education: Language Literacy & Culture, Math Education 
Designated Emphasis: Second Language Acquisition
Dissertation: Writing Mathematical Explanations with Linguistically Diverse Students
University of California, Davis 

Bilingual Education 
California State University, Chico

Bilingual (Spanish, BCLAD) Multiple Subject 
California State University, Chico 

Liberal Studies with Bilingual Emphasis, Spanish 
California State University, Chico  

Research Interests

My research interests include exploring the relationship between language and mathematics, teaching math to English learners and bilingual students, mathematics class discussion, word problem comprehension, writing mathematical explanations, issues of equity in mathematics, and elementary teacher education. 

Recent Publications 

* Co-authored with UCD credential/MA students

Banes, L. C., Ambrose, R., Bayley, R., Restani, R., & Martin, H. (2018). Mathematical classroom discussion as an equitable practice: Effects on elementary English learners’ performance. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education.

Athanases, S. Z., Banes, L. C., & Wong, J. W., Martinez, D. C. (2018). Exploring linguistic diversity from the inside out: Implications of self-reflexive inquiry for teacher education.  Journal of Teacher Education

*Banes, L. C., López, G., Skubal, M., & Perfecto, L. (2017) Co-constructing Written Explanations. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. 

*MacDonald, L. & Banes, L. C. (2017). More than words: Struggling readers’ comprehension of word problems. Journal of Teacher Action Research, 3(3), 24-39. 

*Mainini, M. & Banes, L. C. (2017). Differentiating instruction to increase conceptual understanding and engagement in mathematics. Journal of Teacher Action Research.

Wong, J. W., Athanases, S. Z., Banes, L. C. (2017). Developing as an agentive bilingual teacher: Self-reflexive and student learning inquiry as teacher education resources. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 1-17.  

Banes, LC., Martinez, D., Athanases, S. Z., & Wong, J. W. (2016). Self-reflexive inquiry into language use and beliefs: Toward more expansive language ideologies. International Multilingual Research Journal, 10(3), 168-187.

Athanases, S. Z., Wong, J. W., & Banes, L. C. (2016). Self-reflexive inquiry in teacher education for diversity: Tapping and leveraging resources for future language teachers’ trajectories. In C. J. Craig (Ed.), The Career Trajectories of English Language Teachers. Oxford Studies in Comparative Education.    

Athanases, S. Z., Banes, L. C., & Wong, J. W. (2015). Diverse language profiles: Leveraging resources of potential bilingual teachers of color. Bilingual Research Journal, 38(1), 65-87.

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