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Sherrie Reed
Project and Research Director

Sherrie Reed serves as Project & Research Director forThe Partnership for Research on College & Career Readiness. In this role, Sherrie is managing and directing the research efforts of a 5 million dollar grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education to evaluate college and career readiness standards in the era of Common Core State Standards. This project is an unprecedented study across the primary public education segments in the state of California, with a formal partnership between the University of California, Davis and the California Department of Education, along with collaboration with the California State University Chancellor’s Office and the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. The Project is led by Michal Kurlaender, with Co-PIs Paco Martorell and Scott Carrell.

Sherrie is a recent Ph.D. graduate from University of California Davis, School of Education. Drawing on her history as a school practitioner and charter school developer, Sherrie’s doctoral research focused on efforts in school reform. First, Sherrie reviewed the California Charter Schools Association’s (CCSA) accountability framework. Sherrie investigated technical issues with CCSA’s methods, explored how the numerous state accountability policies identify low‐performing charter schools for potential closure, and how charter school accountability policies affect low‐income and minority students in California. Second, Sherrie examined student perceptions of school climate across more than 100 schools that are part of a school reform network. Finally, Sherrie looked at school finance issues in California’s charter schools, comparing the spending and saving patterns for California’s charter schools and traditional public schools over nine years. This piece of work was recently published in the Journal of School Choice. 

While Sherrie has lived in many places across the U.S. following the military careers of her family members, she is now pleased to call Northern California home. She received her Master’s degree in Special Education and Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from University of Northern Colorado. Prior to her role with the UC Davis School of Education, Sherrie served as the Director of Research for New Tech Network and worked with local communities in the development of charter schools in three states. She served as the Executive Director of Cornerstone Academy, Inc. in California and is a founding Board Member for Aspen Ridge Preparatory School in Colorado. She has worked in K-12 education as a teacher, administrator and charter school developer for more than 20 years. Sherrie also teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses for the University of California and City University of Seattle.

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