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Allison Krasnow

Ed.D. Student-CANDEL Cohort 17

Portrait of Allison Krasnow


With over 20 years of experience in K-12 public education, Allison is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in adolescent mathematics and an experienced school and district leader.  Her career began as a Spanish bilingual elementary school teacher in Oakland where she later worked as a math coach and was named Alameda County math teacher of the year. She later earned her secondary teaching credential and taught middle school math in the Berkeley schools with an emphasis on integrating software for students to model and visualize math to deepen their understanding.  She has been a district administrator in Berkeley over Instructional Technology and is currently an Assistant Principal at Alameda High School.  As both a teacher and school leader, Allison is focused on systemic change while constantly centering the voices and experiences of students and families most impacted by an issue. She holds a MA in Teaching from UC Berkeley, a BA in Latin American Anthropology from Dartmouth College, a BCLAD and both a multiple-subject and secondary math teaching credential.  

Leadership Roles

-Math Coach, Bay Area Math Project, Lawrence Hall of Science

-Instructional Technology Coordinator, Berkeley Unified School District

-Assistant Principal, Alameda High School, Alameda Unified School District

Research Interests

-Factors leading to more high school students taking 4 years of math and having success in advanced math classes

-Using student focus groups to drive school-wide and districtwide change

-Supporting and developing data-driven instruction and collaboration among teachers

Recent Projects and Positions

Slowing Down to Listen: Centering Student Voice in Leadership

New Algebra Summer Session Helps Students Stay College Eligible

PiCrust. Allison’s blog from her years as a math teacher

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