Student Profile

Alyssa Henry
PhD Candidate – Learning and Mind Sciences

I am interested in the reading experiences of school-aged children with autism spectrum disorder, and how these experiences affect social-emotional and cognitive development.

Research Interests

  • Reading development
  • Social cognition
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)


Ph.D. in Education (In Progress), University of California, Davis

B.S. in Psychology (2015), Fordham University

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Emily Solari, primary adviser

Dr. Peter Mundy, secondary adviser

Current Research Experience

Reading and Academic Development Center

(Interventionist and Supervisor, October 2015 – August 2918). Involved in intervention research looking to adapt an evidence-based reading comprehension curriculum to better meet the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Testing the Efficacy of Reading RULES: A Tier 1 and Tier 2 Intervention for First-Grade Children with Decoding and Comprehension Difficulties

(Research Assistant, September 2015-present). A project to evaluate the effect of the Reading RULES program, which was developed to help first-grade students who are at-risk for reading difficulties or disabilities in word reading and comprehension. This study in being conducted in schools in the greater Davis, CA area as well as the greater Houston, TX area.

Teaching Experience

EDU 115: Educating Students with Disabilities (Associate Instructor)

EDU 110: Educational Psychology

Teaching Assistant Experience: EDU 115; EDU 110; EDU 185: Learning in a Digital Age: Information, Schooling, and Society; EDU 110: Introduction to Schools


Grimm, R., Solari, E., McIntyre, N., Ferrer, E., Henry, A., Denton, C., Madsen, K., Zajic, M. (2016, July). Tracking reading development of heterogeneous groups of first-grade students: A latent transition analysis. Poster, Society for the Scientific Study of Reading Annual Conference, Porto, Portugal.

Solari, E., Grimm, R., McIntyre, N., Denton, C., Madsen, K., Ferrer, E., Henry, A. (2016, July). Subgroup comparisons of the Simple View of Reading: Should fluency be added to the model for at-risk readers? Poster, Society for the Scientific Study of Reading Annual Conference, Porto, Portugal.

Awards and Honors

Award for Scholarly Promise, Graduate Group in Education, UC Davis, 2018

James C. Higgins Memorial Award, Department of Psychology, Fordham University, Spring 2015.

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