Student Profile

Leslie Banes
PhD Candidate: Language, Literacy, and Culture & Math Education

Research Interests

My research interests include exploring the relationship between language and mathematics, teaching math to English learners and bilingual students, mathematics class discussion, word problem comprehension, writing mathematical explanations, issues of equity in mathematics, and elementary teacher education. 


Ph.D. in Education, emphases in Language, Literacy and Culture and Math Education, UC Davis  (in progress)

MA in Education, CSU, Chico (2010)

Bilingual Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (BLCAD, Spanish), CSU, Chico

BA in Liberal Studies and Spanish, CSU, Chico

Faculty Advisors

Robert Bayley

Rebecca Ambrose

Recent Projects and Postions

EdGSA: Co-Chair (2016)

EdGSA: Vice Chair and Representative of Math Education (2015)

EdGSA: Secretary and Representative of LLC (2014) 

Teaching GED Math in Spanish: Davis Center for Families. Link to center webpage. 

Professional Development for Teachers, Beijing, China: cooperative learning and authentic instruction in middle school classrooms. Link to UC Davis article. Link to ChaoYang article. 

Teaching English to international students through UC, Davis Extension (Summer 2013)

GSR for Formative Assessment in Mathemtics (FAM); PI Jamal Abedi. Project website:

GSR for Strategic Alliance: Research and professional development focused on students’ mathematical thinking and student explanations, as developed through classroom discussions in grades K-6; PI Rebecca Ambrose. 

TA Positions:

  • EDU 100 Introduction to Schools
  • EDU 300 Reading in the Elementary School
  • EDU 150 Cultural Diversity and Education in a Sociopolitical Context
  • EDU 275B Effective Instruction: English Language Development and Instructing English Language Learners
  • EDU 309 The Teaching of Mathematics, K-9
  • EDU 206C Inquiry Into Classroom Practice: Study Design
  • EDU 206D Inquiry Into Classroom Practice: Data Analysis and Data Reporting
  • EDU 98 Community and Career Connections

Associate Instructor: 

  • EDU 206B Inquiry into Classroom Practice: Application of Teacher Research Approaches
  • EDU 206C Inquiry Into Classroom Practice: Study Design
  • EDU206D Inquiry Into Classroom Practice: Data Analysis and Data Reporting

Select Publications

See my academic blog with my dissertation data:

Banes, L. C., Martinez, D. C., Athanases, S. Z., & Wong, J. W. (2016). Self-Reflexive Inquiry into Language Use and Beliefs: Toward More Expansive Language Ideologies. International Multilingual Research Journal, (just-accepted). Link to article 

Athanases, S. Z., Banes, L. C., & Wong, J. W. (2015). Diverse language profiles: Leveraging resources of potential bilingual teachers of color.Bilingual Research Journal, 38(1), 65-87. Link to article. 

Athanases, S., Wong, J., Banes, L. (forthcoming). Self-Reflexive Inquiry into Language History, Repertoires, and Ideologies: Tapping and Leveraging Resources for Future Language Teaching. In C. J. Craig (Ed.), The Career Trajectories of English Language Teachers. Oxford Studies in Comparative Education. 

Justice, Donna. (2013, February). Bringing English Learners into the Math Discussion. UC Davis SoE – Enewsletter, Research. Link to article

Banes, L., Ambrose, R., Martin, M., & Restani, R. (2013, November). Math talk in elementary classrooms: What features are common? Poster presented at the Psychology of Mathematics Education- North American Chapter conference in Chicago, Illinois. 

Alpha Testing of Kids PBS Transmedia Suites. Link to publication

Conference Presentations

Banes, L., Ambrose, R., Restani, R., Martin, H., Bayley, R. (2015, April). Mathematics classroom as an equitable practice: Effects on elementary English learners performance. Paper presented at AERA in Chicago, Illinois. 

Banes, L. (2014, April). Exploring 3rd Graders’ Understanding and Beliefs of Mathematical Word Problems. Presented at the Language Research Symposium at UC, Davis

Ambrose, R., Martin, H., Banes, L., & Restani, M. (2014, April). Orchestrating Equitable and Productive Discussion: Teachers’ implementation of mathematics professional development. Presented at the American Educational Research Association conference in Philadelphia, PA. 

Banes, L. (2013, March). Mathematical Explanations with English Learners. Presented at California Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages conference in Concord, CA. 

Banes, L. (2013, January) Bringing English Learners in to the Mathematics Discussion. Presented at Creating Balance: Mathematics for Social Justice conference in San Francisco, CA.


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