Theory of Action

REEd’s Theory of Action


REEd’s theory of action is that we can build the instructional capacity of education systems by supporting Local Education Agencies (LEA) in shifting their schema to one that fully embraces the role of teacher leadership in a system of professional growth; identifying, generating, and effectively putting into use the full spectrum of instructional resources that are needed for professional growth; and by encouraging intentional and strategic action through rapid cycles of learning and sense-making.

Our operational approach is threefold, to:

  • Target the instructional shifts needed for fostering academic literacy;
  • Cultivate the local teacher leader community in driving instructional change; and
  • Provide a focal point for creating ALL of the conditions necessary for continuous improvement in teaching and learning.

Through our work we have found that four conditions (we call them high-leverage drivers) are essential to the implementation of professional growth systems: 

  • Shared set of high impact practices articulated at a grain-size to drive professional growth
  • Professional capital for ongoing facilitation of professional growth
  • Structures for ongoing professional dialogue about instruction and improvement
  • Professional culture that promotes ongoing collaboration and feedback

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