TJE About Us



Our Mission

The Transformative Justice in Education Center (TJE) is a community-university collaborative serving practitioners and researchers committed to disrupting racial inequities in education by creating restorative, humanizing, justice-seeking teaching and learning communities.

Focus Areas

  • Restorative and Transformative Justice Practices
  • Teacher Education
  • Community centered/humanizing research methods

What we do

  • TJE provides an intellectual home for classroom teachers and/or restorative justice practitioners who are seeking ways to create and sustain a restorative culture in their teaching and learning communities
  • TJE prepares teaching trainers and preservice teachers across content areas in restorative justice practices—or what we refer to as a Restorative Justice Teacher Education (RJTE)—which includes circle keeper facilitation and developing Restorative Justice Discourses (RJDs) that support conversations about race, class, gender, and privilege
  • TJE supports undergraduate and graduate students researchers committed to humanizing research methodologies and approaches that seek to disrupt inequities in education
  • TJE provides technical assistance to universities committed to implementing and sustaining restorative justice practices on campus


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